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We deliver telecom solutions for seamless unified communication.

Advanced Telecommunication Software Engineering

Harness our Telecom & VoIP expertise for bespoke software solutions. From Telecom Software Development to Network Management, Performance Monitoring, Call Accounting, and Security Management, we engineer solutions tailored to your requirements.

VoIP Innovation and Integration

Revolutionize communication with our VoIP solutions. We deliver Video, Audio, and SMS Mobile Applications, Desktop Softphone Connectivity, and Interactive Dashboards for efficient switching, routing, and multimedia conferencing.

Network Resource Optimization and Automation

Elevate network efficiency with comprehensive resource management solutions. We skillfully manage Inventory, Faults, and Fraud Protection, enhance Performance Monitoring, and enable efficient Troubleshooting through Trouble Ticketing and Data Reports & Dashboards.

Integrated Business Systems and Analytics

Drive business enhancement through integrated tools. From CRM, ERP, and Billing Systems to Customer-Self Service Portals, we infuse Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, and Sales Automation for streamlined operations.

Futuristic VoIP Architecture

Explore the future of VoIP with our innovations. Our cutting-edge solutions encompass Video, Audio, and SMS Mobile Applications, Desktop Softphone Connectivity, Processor Optimization, and Interactive Dashboards for seamless communication.

Telecommunication Ecosystem Optimization

Optimize your telecom ecosystem with our expertise. We specialize in Telecom Software Development, crafting bespoke solutions for Network Management, Performance Monitoring, Call Accounting, and Security Management.

Omni-Channel Communication Transformation

Experience the evolution of connectivity across channels. Our VoIP solutions span Mobile Applications, Omnichannel Integration, and OOS/BSS systems, ensuring holistic and efficient communication.

Network Resilience and Performance Enhancement

Strengthen network resilience and performance through our offerings. We adeptly manage Inventory, Faults, and Fraud Protection, optimize Performance Monitoring, and facilitate effective Troubleshooting with Trouble Ticketing and Data Reports & Dashboards.

Data-Driven Business Optimization

Optimize operations with an array of data-driven tools. From CRM, ERP, and Billing Systems to Customer-Self Service Portals, we integrate Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, and Sales Automation for maximized efficiency.

VoIP Revolution and Infrastructure

Embrace the VoIP revolution with our infrastructure solutions. Experience Video, Audio, and SMS Mobile Applications, Desktop Softphone Connectivity, Processor Optimization, and Interactive Dashboards for uninterrupted communication.

Telecom Transformation and Modernization

Modernize your telecom operations with our specialized solutions. From Telecom Software Development to Network Management, Performance Monitoring, Call Accounting, and Security Management, we lead your transformation journey.

Pioneering VoIP Communication Frameworks

Lead the way in VoIP communication with our solutions. Encounter Video, Audio, and SMS Mobile Applications, Desktop Softphone Connectivity, Processor Optimization, and Interactive Dashboards for unrivaled communication experiences.

Area of Work  – Unified Communication | Mobile Apps | VoIP | SIP | Class 4/5 Switches | Face Recognition | Chat Bot 

Solution Expertise

WebRTC Solutions: Empower real-time communication apps with our customized WebRTC solutions. We enhance your apps with seamless audio and video communication, ensuring they match your specific requirements for a collaborative and efficient user experience.

Chatbot Services: Elevate customer engagement with personalized chatbots, uniquely crafted to align with your brand. We enhance customer interaction, provide support, and gather valuable insights for improved service.

Class 5 Switches: Customize your local telephony network with feature-rich Class 5 switches. We offer a broad range of services, scalable solutions, and seamless integration, ensuring efficient local telephony for residents and businesses.

Class 4 Switches: Optimize VoIP networks with precision. We efficiently manage call routing, support diverse protocols, and offer transcoding, making them essential for carriers to ensure reliable and cost-effective long-distance communication.

IVR: Enhance customer service with reduced wait times, cost efficiency, smart agent routing, feedback collection, and multi-language support, improving customer interactions and satisfaction.

Face Recognition: Boost security and access control with customized facial recognition. Tailored to your needs, we ensure precision and convenience for various applications, from authentication to visitor management.

SBC (Session Border Controller): Safeguard VoIP networks with secure, protocol-agnostic traffic management. We ensure data privacy, firewall protection, and smooth communication, making it vital for secure and efficient real-time communication.

VoIP Solutions: Transform communication infrastructure with tailored VoIP solutions. Our solutions offer efficient, cost-effective, and scalable communication, backed by secure protocols and comprehensive features for enhanced connectivity and collaboration.

Streaming Mobile App: Our Streaming App delivers live or recorded mobile screen content, making webinars, online meetings, and entertainment accessible anytime, anywhere, enhancing communication and engagement opportunities.

Unified Communication: Unlock seamless collaboration with our Unified Communication solution, integrating voice, video, messaging, and conferencing into a single platform for streamlined and effective communication.

Mobile Audio/Video Calling: Enable dynamic conversations on the go with our Mobile Audio/Video Calling application. Experience real-time voice and video communication over mobile networks, fostering engaging interactions.

VoIP Billing: Simplify your billing processes with our VoIP Billing software. It tracks usage, generates accurate invoices, and ensures transparent financial operations for your VoIP services.

Mobile Dialer: Experience hassle-free VoIP calling with our Mobile Dialer application, allowing users to make cost-effective calls directly from their mobile devices, enhancing communication convenience.

Business Case

We collaborated with a growing wholesale telecom company to deploy a VoIP VOS platform customized to their branding and feature requirements. We implemented intelligent traffic routing, load balancing, and failover mechanisms to optimize call quality and minimize latency. Additionally, we provided a scalable architecture, allowing the client to handle a significant increase in call volumes.
We built dynamic load balancer, efficiently distributing incoming communication requests across multiple EPABX servers, ensuring even workloads and preventing any single server from being overwhelmed and crashing.
Our client, a multinational corporation with offices across the globe, struggled with fragmented communication tools and inefficient collaboration among its teams. We designed a comprehensive unified communications strategy, integrating voice, video, and messaging tools into a single platform. We customized the solution to fit the client’s unique needs, ensuring seamless integration with their existing systems and providing training for employees.
Our team conducted a comprehensive security audit of the client’s VoIP platform. We implemented strong encryption, firewall, and intrusion prevention measures to safeguard communication channels. We also provided ongoing monitoring and rapid issue resolution to maintain the platform’s security and reliability. Additionally, we assisted the client in integrating the VoIP VOS with their existing CRM system for streamlined communication.


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Rigel Team Profile

  • Effective Communication – Specific, precise, clean and concise
  • Clean code with best code practices
  • Critical thinking and adaptability to latest changes
  • Debugging, troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Scrum / Agile development process
  • Domain specific expertise
  • Clear documentation
  • Focus on reliable, scalable and high performance
  • IP-rights and NDA protection
  • Certified resources
  • On demand peer colleagues expertise
  • Secured access with finger print, VPN, two-factor authentication
  • Time zone compatibility
  • High end hardware for fast programming – laptops, dual screen, etc
  • Pleasant office space/environment for enhanced productivity
  • Timelogs and reporting
Team Job Functions – Project Management | Custom Account Management | Code Management | People Management | Delivery Management | Process Management | Task Management | Knowledge Management| Requirement Management | Quality Management | Release Management | Infrastructure Management | Transition Management | Project Cost Budgeting | Project ROI Management | Time Management | Technical Support | Project Audit Management


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