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Our Dedicated developers are IT professionals who specialize in creating and maintaining software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the industry. They possess a deep understanding of software systems.



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The Advantages of Choosing Rigel Networks for Your Software Development Needs

Customized Solutions for Every Need:

Each organization faces distinct obstacles. Whether it’s enhancing user engagement, streamlining operations, or leveraging predictive analytics, our dedicated developers craft solutions that address your specific pain points.

Pioneering Technology Integration:

Embrace the cutting-edge with our dedicated developers, who seamlessly integrate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain into your systems, paving the way for transformative advancements.

Cost-Effectiveness and Optimized Resources:

Our team of dedicated developers designs efficient and tailored solutions, maximizing cost savings and resource utilization, ensuring that your organization achieves its goals with precision and effectiveness.

Empower Your Projects with Rigel Networks:

Partner with Rigel Networks to harness the expertise of dedicated developers and unlock the full potential of your projects. Together, we’ll transform your vision into reality.

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Hire Industry’s Best Developers in 3 Easy Steps


Share the skills you need
Schedule a Call with our Skilled Professionals to Discuss and Clarify Your Business Goals and Expectations for the Development Process.


Evaluate and select the efficient talent
Choose Your Ideal Skillset Developer and Engagement Model for Maximum Flexibility.


Welcome and incorporate your newly hired
Accelerate Developer Onboarding Within 24-48 Hours for Swift Project Start.

Expand and Evolve Your Product Leveraging the Expertise of
Our Vetted Developers

Work at Your Time Zone

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Hire in 48 Hours

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We bring a realm of expertise to foster small to large business.

Tailored Programming Mastery

With proficiency across diverse programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby, bolstered by HTML/CSS mastery, we deliver comprehensive digital solutions tailored to your needs.

Full Stack Development

We specialize in crafting dynamic applications using stacks like LAMP, LEMP, MEAN, and Django, seamlessly integrating APIs for optimal performance and exceptional user experiences.

Backend Development

Excelling in backend development using frameworks like NodeJs, WebRTC, Flutter, and Laravel, we create intuitive interf

Frontend Development

Seamlessly blending technology and design through frameworks like UIKit, Angular, and React, we ensure captivating and responsive user interfaces, enhanced with the power of Java.


Harnessing the capabilities of modern frameworks like WebRTC, Flutter, and Laravel, we amplify your applications’ functionality and visual appeal, enriching them further with the dynamic features of Java.

API Integration and Development

Our expertise extends to expertly integrating APIs across platforms, optimizing code, and conducting in-depth testing using tools like JUnit, thereby enhancing performance and interoperability.

Ready-Made Software Expertise

From Jive to SugarCRM, we excel in various software applications, optimizing workflows and enhancing business operations, while integrating Java to provide comprehensive solutions.

Amazon Cloud

Leveraging Amazon AWS services, including Lambda, EC2, S3, and CloudWatch, we ensure seamless and secure cloud computing solutions, further enriched by Java for enhanced functionalities.

Ecommerce Excellence

Specializing in Magento 2, Kentico, our offerings encompass seamless migration, multi-vendor integration, and customization, delivering an elevated and engaging e-commerce experience, powered by Java for dynamic interactions.
Area of Work  – Consulting | Applications | Infrastructure | Staffing

Empower Your Software Development Projects with Cost-Effective Collaboration Models from Rigel Networks

Concerned about the cost of hiring dedicated developers? Rigel Networks provides a diverse selection of flexible and scalable collaboration models tailored to your requirements and budget. With the ability to adjust your engagement levels according to project needs, you can optimize your overall budget while still benefiting from top-notch software development services.


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Achieve Digital Excellence With Development Services And The Perfect Skillset For The Digital Era

Leverage Rigel’s Cutting-Edge Web Development Services for Robust, Reliable, and Interactive Web Applications. Our Highly Experienced Developers, with Over 5 Years of Expertise, Deliver Seamless Performance, User-Friendly Features, and Engaging Designs.


SOLID Principles | Queue & Jobs | OAuth with Passport | Composer Dependency Manager | Spatie Packages | Debugger Tools | Breeze Starter Kit | MySQL7 Compatibility | Memcached Integration | RESTful API Development | Eloquent ORM | Postman Collections | CLI | Blade Templating | Middleware Support | MVC Architecture | Authentication & Authorization | Queued Tasks | Artisan Command-Line Tool | Eloquent Relationships | Laravel Mix for Assets | Localization

API Integration

Cross-platform development | Fast response API | Optimized API Code | Applications Integration knowledge | API orchestration skills | JUnit used to test code | Installation, configuration, platform operations| Troubleshooting of API | BaaS | Advanced proxies | API layer like security | Custom analytics | Throttling | Caching | Logging | Request and response modifications | Postman Collections


Lambda | EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud | RDS Relational Database Service | CloudFront | S3 Simple Storage Service | SNS Simple Notification Service | VPC Virtual Private Cloud | SQS Simple Queue Service | Dynamo DB | Elastic Cache | Redshift | LightSail | CloudWatch | Cognito Inspector


Magento 2 | Migration Service | Implementing custom indexers | Fast attributes update methods | Knockout | Plugins | Customization in built modules | Template Customization | Multi-vendor eCommerce Development | Shipping Integration | Ecommerce Channel Integration | Custom theme installation with Magento | Multistore Setup and Multi currency setup | Multilingual Web development | Third Party Theme Installation


Content Management | Digital Experience Platform | Multilingual Support | Multisite Support | Marketing Automation | Personalization | E-commerce | Customization | Theming | Page Builder | Scalable Architecture | Secure Architecture | SEO Tools | Analytics Tools | API Integration | Workflow Management | User Permissions | Role-Based Access | Responsive Design | Mobile-Friendly Design | Dynamic Form Building | Intranet Features


WordPress – Content Management | Blogging Platform | Extensive Plugin Ecosystem | Custom Themes | Custom Post Types | Responsive Design | SEO Tools | User Roles and Permissions | Multilingual Support | Media Management | Custom Widgets | REST API | Gutenberg Block Editor | Plugin Integration | User-Friendly Admin Interface | Scalable Architecture | Security Features | Comment Management | E-commerce Integration | Social Media Integration | Analytics Integration

Adobe Ecommerce

Migration | Custom Indexers | Fast Attributes Update Methods | Knockout | Plugins | Shipping Integration | Multistore Setup | Multi-currency/language Setup | Third-Party Theme/Integrations | Template/Module Customization


Store Setup | Custom Theme | App Development | Internationalization | Upgrade and Maintenance | Multistore Setup | Shipping Integration | 3rd Party Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your flexible hiring options?
Dedicated Developer – Monthly Basis: Choose our dedicated developer model, where you can hire a skilled professional who will work exclusively on your project. They will commit to 160 hours per month, working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Hourly Basis: opt for our hourly hiring model, where you have the flexibility to pay for the actual hours worked. We utilize reliable time-tracking tools such as Time Doctor and Hub staff to ensure accurate monitoring.
Fixed Basis: Share your project requirements with us, and our team will evaluate them to provide you with a detailed estimation encompassing time, cost, and a comprehensive project roadmap tailored to your specific needs.
Can your Developers help me complete my incomplete app development project?
Trust Us as Your Reliable Partner for a Smooth Mid-Way Project Transition. If Your Previous Development Partner has discontinued or you are unsatisfied with the progress, our Experienced Angular Developers, led by a Dependable Project Manager, will seamlessly take over. We Understand Your Ongoing Plans and Previous Process, implementing a Mutually Beneficial Agile Approach to Meet Your Needs. Count on Our Unwavering Support and Dedication to Your Project’s Success.
Do you provide support and maintenance service after deployment?
Yes, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services after the deployment of your project. Our team is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of your application and addressing any issues that may arise post-deployment. We offer different support and maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs, including bug fixes, security updates, performance optimization, and feature enhancements. Our goal is to provide you with ongoing support to keep your application running smoothly and to accommodate any future growth or changes.
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IT Projects