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We elevate mobile experiences, from strategy to immersive solutions.

Mobile App Consultation and Strategy

Our consultation services help businesses and startups define their mobile app strategy and roadmap.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in developing custom iOS and Android applications that cater to the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We create enterprise-grade mobile solutions that boost productivity, communication, and collaboration within organizations.

UI/UX Design

We take pride in crafting visually appealing and intuitive mobile app interfaces, ensuring a seamless user experience for our clients’ target audience

Mobile Game Development

Our creative experts can design and develop engaging and interactive mobile games for iOS and Android platforms, keeping users entertained and engaged.

Cross-Platform App Development

Our team can build cross-platform mobile apps using frameworks like React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin, enabling our clients to reach a broader audience with a single codebase.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

We optimize mobile apps for better visibility and ranking on app stores, leading to increased downloads and user engagement.

Mobile App Testing and Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive testing services ensure the functionality, performance, and security of mobile applications.

Mobile App Maintenance and Support

Our ongoing maintenance and support services keep mobile apps up-to-date and operating smoothly.

Mobile Analytics and Reporting

We implement analytics solutions to track app usage, user behavior, and performance, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Mobile Streaming Solutions

We deliver seamless mobile streaming solutions, offering real-time live stream sharing, interactive chat, and audio/video calls for engaging and immersive user experiences.

3rd Party Integrations

We integrate 3rd party services like location-based features into mobile apps, such as GPS tracking, geofencing, and mapping services; payment gateways; blockchain; etc.

Social Media Solutions

We build social media platforms into mobile apps, enabling users to share content and interact with their social networks.

AR/VR App Development

We create augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, offering immersive and interactive user experiences.

Area of Work  – Consulting | Custom Applications | Infrastructure | Staffing | VoIP

Technical Expertise

iOS – Swift | Objective-C | Xcode | Core Data | Layout design | Cocoa Touch | FHIR/EPIC development | iOS SDK | Apple Pay | In-App Purchase | Apple Health Kit | Apple Home Kit

Android – Kotlin | Java Core, Java SE | RxJava | Android SDK | Coroutines | Threading Sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) | Jetpacks

Architecture – MVVM | Clean Architecture | MVP

Integrations – Restful and Soap APIs | Json | FHIR | Push Notifications |  Beacon

3rd Party – Payment Gateways|  MAP | SMS | Call | Blockchain

Cloud – CDN | Micro services

Protocols – SIP | XMPP | WebSocket | RTMP

Concepts – FHIR | Blockchain | Streaming | Monetization | Subscriptions | VoIP | Chatbots

Storage Database – Room |  Sqllite | Realm | Memory 

Performance – Memory Profiling | Crashlytics and exception handling | Concurrency and Multithreading – Async Programming | Thread Management | GCB

UI/UX – SVG | WEBP targeting multipe resolutions | Android Material Design | Apple AR Kit | Swift UI

Frameworks – WebRTC | eJabber | Flutter (cross platforms apps) | RTMP

Libraries – Retrofit 2.0 | Gson | jetpacks | jackson | firebase | glide

Testing – Unit testing Junit | Expresso | XCTest

Deployments – Continuous Integration and Deployment – CI/CD Pipelines | Build Automation | Versioning

Security – Data Security | Secure Coding

Hardware – Phones |  Tablets  | TV  | Smart Watches

Infrastructure  – App Store | Play Store


Social Networking Application

Customized Ring Builder Application

Audio/Video calling

Roofing CRM Application

B2C Ecommerce Application


News and article posting application


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Industries We Serve




Human Capital Management

Retail & Ecommerce


Rigel Team Profile

  • Effective Communication – Specific, precise, clean and concise
  • Clean code with best code practices
  • Critical thinking and adaptability to latest changes
  • Debugging, troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Scrum / Agile development process
  • Domain specific expertise
  • Clear documentation
  • Focus on reliable, scalable and high performance
  • IP-rights and NDA protection
  • Certified resources
  • On demand peer colleagues expertise
  • Secured access with finger print, VPN, two-factor authentication
  • Time zone compatibility
  • High end hardware for fast programming – laptops, dual screen, etc
  • Pleasant office space/environment for enhanced productivity
  • Timelogs and reporting

Team Job Functions – Project Management | Custom Account Management | Code Management | People Management | Delivery Management | Process Management | Task Management | Knowledge Management| Requirement Management | Quality Management | Release Management | Infrastructure Management | Transition Management | Project Cost Budgeting | Project ROI Management | Time Management | Technical Support | Project Audit Management


Process: Submit Inquiry –> Business Need Concall –> NDA –> Rigel Proposition (Scope of work, Job functions) –> Agreement –> Onboarding

Pre-Engagement Audit: Interview before hiring | Talk to references

Onboard: Within 4 weeks | Quick team scaling

Legal: Joint Venture | Work for Hire | Professional Service

Team Option: Dedicated Team | Hand-Picked Resources

Location: Onsite | Offshore| Hybrid  Onsite and Remote

Duration: Fixed Lock-In Long Term Duration | Short Duration Contract 3+ months with 30 day notice (No Trials)

Payments: Pay Per Hour | Pay Per Week | Fixed Cost | Revenue/Profit Share | Pay Per User/Subscription/Instance | ESOP | Retainer | Hybrid

Governance: Three point escalation |  Regular face to face meetings | Ongoing learning & development programs

Initiate a meaningful dialogue

Our Motto: Let Us Grow Together!
Our Purpose:  Taking care of human values and ethics, we are committed to serve every customer individually and deliver custom built Value for Money solutions driven by latest technology, innovation, quality, structured processes and collaboration with global resources.
Our Values: We exhibit teamwork, ownership, integrity, lifelong learning, and a commitment to delivering wow customer experiences.



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