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Impact of IT in Healthcare Industry

December 7, 2019

78% of all office-based physicians reported the use of a certified EHR, and 46% of all physicians reported participating in a delivery system reform program. In 2015, 68% reported using a certified EHR, a statistically significant difference. The push to digitize Healthcare IT Solutions has been going on for at least ten years—that’s when the … Continue reading “Impact of IT in Healthcare Industry”

Streamline Your Rehab Hub Operations Using EMR Software

The estimation of medical errors costs at least 19.5 billion dollars a year. While this number is staggering on its own, add in the financial costs of lost productivity, where the amount escalates to USD 1 trillion. Today, medical practices of all types can increase productivity and improve their daily operations by implementing software, such … Continue reading “Streamline Your Rehab Hub Operations Using EMR Software”

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