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Integrating Magento With ERP can Tremendously Enhance Businesses

The integration of your Magento web platform with your enterprise resource planning software can reap tremendous benefits for your enterprise. It helps to connect the diverse parts of your business, improving data visibility and accuracy. This in turn leads to faster order processing, enhanced perceptibility into shipping requirements and better customer management. With the help … Continue reading “Integrating Magento With ERP can Tremendously Enhance Businesses”

The Formidable Bearing of Cloud ERP in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare sector plays a substantial role in the society since their functioning has a direct impact on health and human life. It is imperative for hospitals to update their system with latest technology that can keep patient records safe and up-to-date, along with providing an efficient management system for the staff. Challenges in the Healthcare … Continue reading “The Formidable Bearing of Cloud ERP in the Healthcare Industry”

Top 5 ERP Benefits For SMB’s

November 21, 2016

What is the meaning of ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software tool for managing the big data of the corporate house. With the help of single database management, build-in analytics and dashboard, all the business information regarding revenue generation, order processing, managing production, intake orders, manufacturing capacity etc. is retained. Using ERP software … Continue reading “Top 5 ERP Benefits For SMB’s”

Open Source EMR- A Platform that has Transfigured HealthCare Space!

“A teenager was given a 39-fold overdose of a common antibiotic, nearly killed to death because of doctor’s negligence.” “A wife lost her husband as the doctor could not found that he had heart blockage because of the wrong ECG reports on hand” “A six year old kid died after a physician mistook him for … Continue reading “Open Source EMR- A Platform that has Transfigured HealthCare Space!”

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