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The healthcare industry is embracing industry 4.0 revolution while keeping up with the regulatory like HIPPA and others. Having the right system in place can transform the patients’ health, experience, and recovery drastically. Keeping and managing patient’s data securely while converting them into useful insights is also a challenge people face.


As a managed healthcare solution partner company in California, Rigel Networks cater to the diversified and imperious technology needs of all the major players in the healthcare industry. Our team of healthcare experts, Project Management Professionals, Technical Architects, and skilled developers offer comprehensive healthcare solutions, which helps healthcare facilities and organizations to address their administrative, financial, clinical, and regulatory needs efficiently.


Our Healthcare Solutions

Custom Software Development - Solutions for healthcare

Custom Software Development

Right from patient portals, scheduling, and medical billing, e-prescribing to video consultation allows the patients to access information, including patient’s history, treatments, and medications, view their previous treatments, receive an alert that it is time for a check-up and schedule it. We also provide mobile application development services for personal health tracking, which is the integration of 3rd Party BLE enabled devices.

EMR/EHR Solutions - HIPAA Compliance Solutions

EMR/EHR Solutions

Build custom EMR/EHR applications that are interoperable and gets integrate seamlessly with all significant EHR systems, helping to improve clinical workflows. Right from the assessment of legacy medical records systems, user training, data migration, pilot testing, and more, we create comprehensive management of implementation operations for on-premise and web-based healthcare networks, our highly skilled developer's program HIPAA-compliant EHR and EMR solutions.

IT Helpdesk Management - Solutions for healthcare

IT Helpdesk Management

As healthcare is rapidly moving online, it makes care more accessible to people across the world. IT management has become more and more decisive. With Rigel Networks helpdesk management, you can streamline healthcare support requests where your doctors and other staff demand quick issue resolution for quality care. We help you to regulate access and ensure compliance by simplifying user account management, reporting, and conformity to just a few clicks.

Healthcare Mobility Solutions - healthcare software solutions

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Mobility is our future! The healthcare sector requires cutting-edge medical technology at all times to improve patient experience and meet data demands while controlling the costs. The USA based IT Healthcare service provider offers accessible and flexible training for healthcare professionals via healthcare enterprise mobility solutions. We also customize features for patient engagement systems, virtual doctor apps, healthcare video streaming apps, EMR integrations, and call routing.

Cloud-Based Application Development - healthcare software solutions

Cloud-Based Application Development

With the help of our expert deployment support, supervision, managed services for AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and other major cloud platforms, we simplify your journey to the healthcare cloud-based application development. Our remote health system helps you to acquire all the pertinent information that may be required by the user at any place irrespective of time and connectivity. With the integration like EMR-cloud and mHealth-cloud you can unlock your business potentials and can achieve goals with ease.

Business Process Management Services - IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Business Process Management Services

Combing the critical health data with the Business Intelligence (BI), we deliver the healthcare IT solutions that figure out the most optimized cure methods. Our BPM services help the industry to meet high-reliability standards to ensure compliance with industry regulations and their own best practices to reduce adverse events.

Our OpenEMR Expertise

Our Open-EMR experts help you to manage the patient data storage & management to billing software and insurance claims integrations and everything in between. For ease of usage, we customize the Open-EMR software to match your operations flow and scalability. Our capabilities are not limited to that as we also provide cloud integration and mobility solutions with your EMR to scale up your business faster.

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Benefits of Rigel Healthcare IT Solutions

From regulatory compliance to healthcare management, our strategic IT solutions address the entire scope of healthcare issues today.

Streamlined Process

Get a single, integrated view of all clinical processes

Boost Patient Management

Our intelligent software helps in better patient care & outcomes

Enhance Operational efficiencies

Costs & outcome insights will elevate ability & reduce overhead costs

Our Recent Work

Hospital Management System

This web based app is an end to end hospital management solution.

Clinical Assessment System

The system is designed for comprehensive clinical billing and administrative features that encompass clinical scheduling, staffing, billing, document management and clinical pathways.

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