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Xamarin: From the Perspective of Native App Development

Native applications are known for their performance. And businesses that dream about achieving conspicuous success should be capable of providing best-in-class applications build on most of the popular mobile operating system platforms, namely, iOS, Android, and Windows. The market penetration of these three platforms can reap desirable benefits. But when you get the services of high value, you also must pay high prices. And sometimes mobile ambitions are quashed due to such high prices. Moreover, finding a developer with expertise in every platform is not easy, and separate developers for each platform would once again bring the question of cost into the picture.

In this piece, we are going to see how Xamarin App Development Services can overcome the disadvantages of cross-platform development and inculcate the benefits of native app development.

Are the Specific Tools of any Help?

There are several tools, such as Otreva, Howmuchtomakeanapp, etc., available that can estimate the cost of making an app, on your business. B2B applications often use an API (Application Programming Interface), adding additional costs. Apart from this, there are many other issues such as incorporating new features, fixing bugs, support and maintenance, and so on. When all these issues combine to surge the costs, companies often drop one or several platforms from their mobile ambition arsenal.

The Principle of ‘write-once-run-everywhere’

The applications built with technologies following the ‘write-once-run-everywhere’ principle more often than not fail to provide even half the quality of performance offered by native applications. The awful UX makes the app users quickly lose their interest rendering the application and the concept behind it a total clinker.

How About Xamarin?

Xamarin, brought to you by Microsoft takes a unique approach to cross platform development. It offers performance similar to native apps. With Xamarin, you can use Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio, the stand-alone integrated development environment for mobile application development. And Visual Studio is used by most of the .NET developers. So, with Xamarin, web developers get an opportunity to build amazing mobile applications.

Xamarin applications are written completely in C#. It then compiles the C# code into native iOS and Android distributions. Xamarin is built on top of Mono, which is its underlying layer. Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET framework based on ECMA standards for C# and Common Language Runtime. It gives Xamarin the power of cross platform development. Xamarin makes use of each platform’s native API’s, which means Xamarin apps compile down to native iOS and Android applications and behave like them. This is the excellent benefit that Xamarin provides for building applications. Another great benefit that Xamarin provides is that developers familiar with Microsoft ecosystem will be comfortable with Xamarin and its use of C#. From the perspective of native app development, Xamarin apps have access to all the native capabilities of both iOS and Android, with performance comparable to that of natively written applications.

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