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What’s Store in the Latest Version of NodeJS?

It has been over seven years since Node.js was released, and it is the seventh major release of the technology. With time passing by, NodeJS has not only released its latest version 10 but is also going under the codename “Dubnium.” In October 2018, the newest version Node.js 10.0.0 will become the platform’s Long Term Support (LTS) currently v8.11.2 line, with this it will be supported for three years.

For the OpenSSL 1.1.0 security toolkit version 10.0.0 add supports, but mainly focuses on incremental improvements. Similarly, the 10.x lines will, later on, be upgraded to NPM Version 6 despite the fact Node.js 10.0.0 ships with NPM 5.7. With the release in the Long Term Support (LTS) line NPM 6 will offer stability, performance, security improvement, extended support and provide a reliable platform for applications of any scale.

Now let’s dive into the newest version of Node.js 10 and learn about its new features and what they have belittled in their latest release!

Stable HTTP/2 in Node.js 10

As an experimental feature, the support for HTTP/2 has landed in Node v8.4.0 and has become a durable addition to the Node core for web applications and the web platform with Node.js 10. In comparison to the previous version of HTTP, HTTP/2 is a higher performer.

The previous version HTTP only allows one understanding request per TCP connection, which makes loading of the web page very intensive. On the other hand, the new feature HTTP/2 in NodeJS enable multiple applications at the same time by supporting queries multiplexing, which results in quickening the process of delivering web pages and content.

Hence, industries updating their website with this new feature of NodeJS will not only load their website faster than the previously HTTP protocol but also enjoy boosted rankings on search engine results pages by making it SEO friendly.

The feature HTTP/2 in Node.js 10 introduces Single Connection, Prioritization, Multiplexing, Server Push and Header Compression. Overall, with the implementation becoming more and more stable and preformat, HTTP/2 is starting to wind down.

Performance improvements with V8 Engine v6.6

In Node.js 10, version 6.6 updated to Node.js V8 with guaranteed forward ABI compatibility V8 6.7. As a result, in both parse and compilation time of JavaScript, this comes with Chrome 66 and provides the reduction of around 20–40%. Therefore, there is a significant improvement in this version with the execution of promise and async/await that results in Hapi v17 realizing a 30% increase in throughput.

However, in this area, we can expect the latest version of NodeJS a massive benefit as it brings array performance improvements and Async generators. The performance of Async generators along with Async iterations was considerably improved, whereas Array#reduce has increased by more than 10 for holey double arrays.

ESM Modules in NodeJS v10

NodeJS has its module system, and ECMAScript (ES) 6 modules offers not only better support, but also a standardized module system. The feature introduced in Node.js 10 provides a browser-compatible ECMAScript 6 implementation that coexists with the existing NodeJS modules.

Thus, whether you want I/O data streaming, data-intensive, real-time or single page applications, Node.js is the perfect technology partner as it elevates the speed of real-time data streaming applications. As a reliable offshore Node.js development company, Rigel Networks deliver secure and scalable web solutions that fit your strategic business goals. We have extensive experience in building Node.js web applications, and our Node.js development services are designed to complement all type of businesses, be it small, mid-size or large enterprise.

So, do you want to develop a user-friendly calendar utility, E-Commerce stores, websites or engaging game? Hire our creative, skilled and experienced Node.js developers.

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