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Warning SMBs!! Is Your Business Missing the Crucial Ingredient?

At the beginning of every year, we witness many analysts or experts speculating new trends or advances in technology to be introduced in the coming months.

However, the trend which is always considered by experts, as the most dominant for the generations to come is Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is essentially a model which empowers convenient, ubiquitous and instant network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources.

To be more precise, it is the practicing of storing and accessing data and programs online that offer economical, portable and safer operations for all kinds of companies.

Today, there has been a widespread adoption of cloud (having reached a market value of more than $24 billion), as it enables connectivity with other systems without affecting the maintenance cost.

As per the predictions from the IDC FutureScape:

  • At the end of 2016, there will be an 11% shift of IT budget towards various versions of cloud computing as a new delivery model.
  • More than 65% of enterprises will commit migrate to hybrid cloud technologies, resulting in tremendous driving rate and pace of change in organizations..
  • By 2017, 35% of new applications will be cloud-enabled, in order to foster speedy rollout of new features and business innovation.

Even with such impressive facts, a large number of small businesses find itself in a quandary for operating the business in cloud.

Being involved in small business, if you too are skeptical, then just by putting a step forward to Cloud services, you can also transform into agile entities.

Here’s how?

Improved Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits of going cloud is getting the ability to access work related files and information at any given time and place. This, in turn, makes it easy for you to manage the business and keep an eye on the employees.

Cost Reduction

Who does not want to reduce the cost of business? A major advantage of cloud computing is, it can serve small businesses with significant savings. As by using this tool, your business no longer needs to keep servers or any other powerful running locally.

Instant Backup and Recovery Abilities

Since, your business spends more hours backing up files, the recovering capabilities of cloud storage services proved very attractive in this regard.

Also, in case of any physical damage to the business, the off-site servers ensure that the files are not destroyed and not require any maintenance.

So, all the small businesses out there….Embrace the change, by exploring how technology might help you become more proficient!

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