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Virtualization in Healthcare – Transforming the Quality & Delivery of Patient Care

The fast paced and sedentary lifestyle today have left many people end up with mega operations and micro therapies.

This is why, there has been a relentless pressure on the healthcare industry to lower costs and improve the level of patient care and fulfillment.

Here’s when technology became the leading driver and brought a rapid evolution in the distribution of health care services. Many hospitals and clinics are gradually turning to wireless technologies to function efficiently and support patient care.

As per the PwC report of 2016, patients will seek access to care at their fingertips, compelling healthcare professionals to adopt virtualization technology.

In 2013, where only 16% of consumers had health app on their phones get doubled over the past two years, with 32% in 2015.

“The global telemedicine market in 2016 is also predicted to reach $27 billion, with virtual health services having a share of $16 billion of that amount”

Well, before we move on to discuss why virtualization services are beneficial for healthcare, a brief overview might help to those who are completely unaware of its existence.

Virtualization refers to functioning of two or more operating systems on the same server at the same time. This enables organizations or businesses to reduce IT costs and increase the efficiency of the existing resources.

What Makes It Different From Cloud Computing?

Most often, when it comes to virtualization, people get confuse it with cloud computing. However, both are very different technology and confusing the two has the huge potential to cost an organization a great deal of time and productivity.

Virtualization works with hardware and software while cloud computing refers to the results that are achieved from those actions. The difference is that a cloud is scalable, flexible and affordable, which is not inherent in virtualization.

Any business adopting virtualization solution need to consider different costs including the total cost of expenditure, operational and capital expenditures, security needs, scalability and feature requirements.

How Virtualization Helps Healthcare Industry with big data and Comprehensive patient care?

In the current scenario, healthcare IT has reaped the benefits of virtual servers more than any other industry in the world. The technology always provided the flexibility to meet the changing demands in the industry ranging from doctors to technicians and administrators.

Because of its ability to run multiple operating systems without moving from the original location, many healthcare institutions are served with better insight to achieve unified data and improve patient interactions. They can make real time decisions by accessing patient-care applications including EMRs and CPOE systems from any device and at any time.

One of the best virtualization management tools for healthcare that has been used for years is VMWare. It has always simplified complex healthcare infrastructure by delivering fully supported and validated applications. Also, in the event of a disaster, it provides secure collaboration of patient health information (PHI) to reduce downtime and improve patient care both on- premises and off-premises.

Closing thoughts

Though virtualization proves to be the best solution for the business needs, it comes with own set of challenges. Investing an in-house team causes great disruption in business operations and responsiveness. Hence, it is always recommended to hire a managed service providers as they carry the experience in many types of network analysis and virtual migrations. Their expertise and immediate man-power to quickly implement your program always help organizations to ensure long term development and growth.

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