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July 17, 2018

Upgrading to Latest Version of Kentico is a No-Brainers

Each calendar year, Kentico releases a new major version of their flagships product, and in 2017 we saw the release of #KenticoStallion or more formally, Kentico 11. So why do we need an upgrade to the latest version of Kentico? It’s simple, do we get our car serviced on a regular basis? If so then why not upgrading Kentico site. Due fear of unknown and technical resource constraints, most of the companies hesitant to update the latest version of a platform. Well, you do not need to take a step back or fear of upgrading the platform, as a proficient Kentico developer controls the upgrades.  Indeed there is a lot to be excited about in Kentico 11.

Right from the upgrading of versions to access to hotfixes, the majority of customers pay an annual fee for Kentico development to stay updated. When few industries take advantages of the latest release by staying up to date, others feel that upgrading through multiple versions at once becomes a bit difficult. By improving the newest version of Kentico, individuals not only makes each enhance much more accessible but also experience the benefits of staying updated. It results in low risk, better efficiency, happier IT staff, and marketing, allowing you to make the most of the return on your original investment in the platform.

Advantages of upgrading to Kentico 11

Everyone looks out for benefits, and so the small to large size businesses. With the release of the latest version of Kentico, industries, and Kentico web developers are keen to know and take advantage of the features introduced in Kentico 11.

Salesforce Integration with Kentico

Earlier, to integrate both the platforms through API, developers had to write custom code. Now the time has changed, with the release of Kentico 11 any companies using Salesforce as their CRM can connect without a glitch for closed-loop reporting of how users are communicating with their site. It is only possible as the latest version of the platform includes Salesforce integration.

Azure Search Integration

While communicating with our clients, faceted search is a must that comes up periodically and could always develop something custom. Well, with the addition of their Azure search integration in Kentico 11 things are different and about to get much more accessible.  For instance, search results will have the ability to filter and categorized. Moreover, to weight results differently based on business rules, it accommodates the need by using custom scoring profiles.


As we all know that E-commerce or electronic commerce is a way of doing business over a sizeable electronic network such as the Internet, and facilitates transactions between business to consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and consumer to consumer (C2C). With tons of new out-of-the-box features, Kentico is stepping up its e-commerce game. You can quickly get your online storefront up and running fast, as this new feature makes it more comfortable than ever before. Features like tax calculation – where the price displays including tax add in the latest version of Kentico. Not only this, but it also has additional improvements like expanded coupon functionality, integration with UCommerce, the capture of delay payment, robust e-commerce analytics, and tracking.

Email Marketing

Want to create an eye-catching email for your customers without using any back-end coding? If yes, then Kentico 11 gives has in it and from a marketing perspective, it can more likely be the most exciting change. As the platform provides all new administration interface for email marketing, the user can drag and drop elements into an email template to design an attractive email. Additionally, you can create and reuse the widgets to craft an armory of components, where you can use to pull together your campaigns in the future quickly. Apart from this, you can also set up UTM parameters right in the tool, view segmentation, campaign and email marketing reports provided in the Kentico 11.

Data Protection Application

Kentico 11 has introduced Data Protection application, with effect to 25th May 2018 GDPR compliance. In this version, you can not only create but also display consent and manage store on your website. Moreover, to show the appropriate consent messages across all of your web pages, tracking consent web part and cookie law can quickly add to the master page of your website.

Hence, Kentico is a fully-integrated Content Management Systems (CMS), E-commerce and Online marketing platform based on ASP .NET framework. So what are you waiting? Just like planning your vehicle servicing, plan and upgrade your website on a regular period. As updating your website with the latest version is not only about enjoying the benefits but also protects your site.

Rigel Networks – Kentico certified bronze partners, create customized Kentico solutions based on customer’s unique business need, having expertise in developing Kentico based simple websites to multi-functional ecommerce stores. With 10+ in-house Kentico developers, Rigel Networks build an online store for a famous coffee brand based in Switzerland. The designed online store allows coffee lovers to buy coffee capsules, pods, raw beans and various types of coffee online.

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