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Understand the Evaluation to Build A Mobile App For Your Business

A look back in 2017, the world endured around 197 Billion – a rough figure for mobile application downloads, and what we see in today’s era, by 2021 there will almost be three times as many downloads, according to the market research study. Though the numbers may not be surprising if we consider to what extent smartphones, tablets, and applications have become a part of our daily lives. Given a fact, most of us roughly spend around four or more hours a day on our devices, and approximately 90% of that time is on mobile applications. No matter how you carve the data, the metrics are almost transparent. The mobile revolution is already underway, and if your organization want to take your digital marketing campaign to the next level, having an updated, user-friendly mobile application development can be your ticket to the fast lane.

In past five years, mobile technologies and applications have flooded the markets in diverse industries such as communication, games, lifestyle, business, food, sports and more for Android and iOS application devices, which in-turn have proved to be revenue-generating. With this, the market of mobile applications manifests no sign of stopping and, usually, more and more people have started to research the issue of how much does it cost to build attractive mobile apps.

Considering a mobile application development for your business might sound to be a good idea, yet after the initial creative process gets accomplished, the question that arises in our mind is about the cost:

· How much monetary resources are required to launch a mobile app?

· Would the cost be legitimate for our business?

In this article, we’ll discuss a few common cost factors that go into building a mobile application development for your organization.

Build the app according to Business Model

The very first thing that marks before estimating the cost of building an app is to fix where will this application fit into the overall business strategy. Also, how will the mobile app bring value to your existing business model? Will it be directly involved in generating new revenue through sales? Alternatively, is the app about providing utility to your customers to support you distinguish yourself from your competitors? What if the app itself is the primary product, and selling it is your business model? The unique demands of your business model will drive the type of app you want to build, the scope of your development project, and the technologies you’ll need to bring that project to life—all factors that directly weigh into the total cost of your project.

The functionality of mobile app development

Estimating the cost of an app is next to fetching a car. There is a base price for the type of app you are trying to build that rises in value by adding new features. In the context of mobile app development, the functions can add on, and also underlying necessary technologies behind them for building your budget.

Login/User Accounts: Most apps have a simple login username/password combination to available social media logins.

Chat/Messaging: Vital for social media apps, the ability for users to communicate and socialize with one another is a project in its own right.

Search: Whether it is a product catalog, photo galleries, videos, or other content, users do expect search functionality.

Geolocation: A no-brainer for travel, restaurant, and dating apps can be tracked by geographic location.

Push Notifications: Helps you to keep your users updated and in-the-loop about what is happening in your application, announcements can encourage engagement and user-retention when adequately employed.

Thus, developing a comprehensive spectrum of custom mobile app development services from app discovery to maintenance, creating an outstanding mobile application, allowing the users to accurately decipher the ideations of innovation to make their enterprises genuinely distinctive, Rigel Networks has helped diverse industries to generate revenue from their user-friendly yet attractive mobile application development.

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