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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Kentico CMS For Powering Your Online Business

When an online merchant makes his foray into the e-commerce world, the foremost thinking in his or her mind remains about employing the best CMS. Currently, Kentico has emerged as a favorite among the online merchants for an array of reasons. More than 23,000 websites are powered by the popular CMS across the world, and its market share is increasingly steady. Consequently, businesses of all sizes are now opting for Kentico Web Development services from the leading IT companies. About 74 Fortune 500 companies are successfully leveraging the benefits of its bright features as a CMS, e-commerce and online marketing platform, which is a testimonial of its power and speed essential for such large-scale businesses. Out of these 74 Fortune 500 companies, the notable ones are as follows:






Kentico has released new versions from time to time to maximize its reach and at present, Kentico 9 is making waves. So, let us have a look at the top five reasons to choose Kentico CMS for powering your online business.

5 Advantages of Kentico CMS

Vast online community –

Kentico CMS boasts of a widespread active community over the web that provides online merchants with all the essential tools to drive quality traffic, to get new insights on business and for brand advocacy. Be it publishing personal or corporate blogs or enabling your site visitors to engage in a discussion about your brand or products, Kentico CMS does it all effortlessly.

Ease of use –

The CMS is extremely user-friendly and enables its users to do editing, publishing or update in a hassle-free manner. This helps online merchants immensely as most of them do not like the idea of depending on some professionals with sound technical knowledge completely to operate their website.

Customizable set of features –

It has a large number of features that you can customize as per your specific business requirement. These are customizable forms, page templates, and responsive designs. It also offers customizable checkout processes, data tables and many more features that save the time of developers and facilitate online merchants to rely heavily on the Kentico one-in-all CMS.

Round the clock support –

The widely popular CMS offers 24 x 7 support to its clients. Moreover, it has a unique policy of fixing all the detected bugs within a period of flat seven days.

Exceptionally scalable –

It has open API’s that enables one to integrate the CMS with SharePoint, ERP, and any other software without any need for third-party modules.


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