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Top 4 Benefits of Moving on-Premises ERP to Cloud

Almost every company has ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to connect all the financial, operational and accounts data in a seamless manner. However, it seems too expensive for some companies especially the growing companies as when the company grows, excessive complexity arises in the management of all the data from different departments. Therefore, many companies are now shifting their on-premises ERP to the cloud. In the digital age, cloud computing services are already in huge demand and although there are many big names who provide such solutions, Microsoft is the most prominent one. Its ERP suite Microsoft Dynamics GP is now available from the server to cloud.

The cloud option has found many admirers, and this is evident from its embracement by many industry leaders. For example as per James Farrell, Senior Manager of the Data protection software services at the German software company Catalogic, “We want to build out an infrastructure that can be agile and take advantage of new technology. To us, this means moving applications to the cloud whenever it makes sense to do so.” At present, countless companies have shown faith in the Microsoft Dynamics GP and have availed ERP solutions from any of the Microsoft Gold Partners. So, let us discuss the top four advantages of moving to the cloud from on-premises.

Save Money-

There is no need to manage data centers after moving to the cloud. There is only a requirement to pay regular monthly or yearly fee to the company providing cloud ERP solutions.

Offers Flexibility-

It becomes possible to take business decisions by accessing valuable data from anywhere via any device with an internet connection. Sharing of data also becomes easier than ever before.


It gives an opportunity to scale business as per the growth without overspending and wasting resources i.e. no need of installing any new hardware or software.

Speed and Security-

Offers speed as it is hosted on the best hosting environment like Microsoft Azure or AWS. Moreover, there is data backup and round the clock data security.

If you are an entrepreneur and currently looking for ERP solutions for your business, it is best to go for cloud ERP solutions from the reputed Microsoft Partners like Rigel Networks. To get a quote for the same or a free consultation over the phone, please send a mail at In fact, the Indian IT company also offers an array of services related to Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions for a worldwide client base.

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