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December 22, 2015

There are many people, who confuse the concept of server virtualization with the storage virtualization. It is necessary to remember that the virtualization of the server has swept the departments of IT. On the other hand, the storage virtualization can be defined as an act of abstracting or hiding some internal roles of any storage system. Virtual storage devices may be a practical option to assign the storage for the framework of virtual server. Prior to the introduction of the virtualization of server, storage was attached directly to the traditional physical appliance.

  • Retrieval of trapped storage capacity –
  • It allows the users to access the unused capacity, getting into the common pool. Besides, while the physical storage is now not required, it can turn out to be an element of the pool once more and may be utilized somewhere else.

  • Consolidated management of storage –
  • Applying to the resources of storage, it can remove several tools and deal with various kinds of storage collections or media. The consolidated management of storage under a single umbrella can turn the environment more manageable and allows less possibility for administrative and human errors.

  • Superior features of storage organization –
  • It may increase the storage devices’ life and raise the ROI. It also potentially averts the extra storage purchases.

  • More energy-efficient systems –
  • It may be attained by utilizing storage virtualization in order to develop the utilization of disk. In turn, it can lessen the need of physical devices. At the same time, it reduces the floor space of data center and cooling needs.

  • Non-disruptive migration of data –
  • Though the migration of data is the major idea in implementing a realistic or rational tiered policy of storage, it has been observed as the most regular and troublesome tasks of storage, in conventional storage. However, through storage virtualization, records may be transferred without hassle.

  • Benefits to VARs –
  • Storage virtualization offers definite benefits for VARs as well as storage experts. A few VARs thus offer virtualization of storage as one-time solution. They fix virtualized disk, apply it to transfer the client’s data with no downtime.

  • Mapping table –
  • The virtualization device can maintain a constant sight of the mapping information for any virtualized storage. Such mapping details are often known as the mapping table.

  • Less points of managing –
  • With virtualization of storage, several independent storage appliances, if spread across a system, seem to be one huge storage tool and may be handled centrally.

  • Better utilization –
  • The deployment may be enhanced with the thin provisioning solutions. It enables the users to keep away from over-provisioning solutions of storage.

  • Virtual SAN-Friendly to hardware –
  • Virtual SAN can take advantage of on the powers of virtual setting. It may be utilized with any server of all manufacturers.

Thus, for all the above advantages, the storage virtualization is very popular among all types of businesses.

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