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November 26, 2018

Technology Is Changing The Healthcare Industry Across The Globe

In recent years, the world is taking notice of the massive growth in the healthcare sector, and the availability has created a renewed interest in health care developments and programs across the sphere. However, the customer service at hospitals and clinics are not up to the mark and satisfactory, as around 50 percent of patients actually miss their scheduled appointments, costing the healthcare industry USD 150 billion a year.

Wouldn’t it be pleasant if communication between patients, doctors, and other clinic staffs go smoothly? What if you get a simple reminder text message before your appointment for the respective hospital?

Well, today most of the well-known health industries have very smartly started to manage their records by opting for healthcare IT solution. Likewise, the world’s most advanced fertility clinic having an experience of over 33 years have successfully managed to maintain the data of their customers, patients, and donor. Their approach towards Rigel Networks to design a web application allows them to efficiently handle the data of their customers, patients, and donor.

Apart from this, with the help of the user-friendly web application, the patient can now browse the information and also register themselves as a donor. It likewise provides complete guidance for International patients as well. The web portal is not only restricted doctors or hospital staff, patient and donors also have an access to the portal.

Build the web application on PHP platform using Laravel framework, My SQL database, JS, JQ, AJEX, and Bootstrap technologies, hosted on Linux server.

The application has aspects right from patient data/record management to patient registration forms and consent, staffing to report and scheduling management, email management to online booking, administrative features, allows the client to facilitates compliance to regulatory necessities and streamlines workflow for administering and documenting patient assessments. The client can also evaluate data-driven outcomes, quality improvement, research, optimize resource usage by enabling patients to complete assessments remotely and plus streamlining the flow of necessary documentation.

Why choose Rigel Networks?

Rigel Networks offers comprehensive healthcare solutions which can help healthcare facilities and organizations to address their administrative, financial, clinical, and regulatory needs in an effective manner.

From regulatory compliance to healthcare management, our strategic healthcare IT solutions address the entire scope of healthcare issues today. May it be a streamlined process, or boost patient management or enhance operational efficiencies.

With the help of our OpenEMR expertize we have developed a plethora of software & mobile applications for the Healthcare industry, right from Clinical Assessment System, Billing Software to end to end Hospital Management System. Rigel Networks also develops HIPPA Compliant solutions that streamline clinical processes and enhances patient care.

Overall, we deliver innovative technology solutions to help our global clients meet their dynamic business requirements.

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