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February 19, 2016

How Technology is Changing the BPO Sector – Avatar Based Campaign

Whether it is the vendor or the holder of any corporate house, Business Process Outsourcing is looked with diverse eyes. Traditionally, BPO has been considered as the tool for different business units in order to reduce the cost and boost the profitability with the arbitrage of labor. At the same time, it is to be noted that technology has a very significant role in changing the evolution of the BPO industries in the recent years.

In fact, technology has also been largely contributing to the varying face of new call centers in the following ways:

Robotic systems and agent support

Automation has assisted the businesses in saving time and focus on complicated issues. It also helps in handling the disgruntled customers and their general queries that are solved with the automation. This has ultimately helped to enhance the productivity of agent and increase the satisfaction of the customers.

Multichannel facilities to the clients

Currently, with the increasing technology, the call centers do not follow the tradition way of receiving the phone calls in order to get to their clients. But, rather, they utilize other new technological controls such as video calls, chats, mobile applications and also social media. Presently, they are very effective mediums, used to speak to the customer.

Cloud Storage

Storage and sharing of data has turned out to be easier, mainly because of the cloud storage. This cloud storage removes the requirement for huge IT sectors or servers that need vast space and constant availability of electricity.

A look at the past and the innovation and modern technologies

There are certain times in the past, while the agents of contact center turn out to be incoherent and inconsistent because of their overload of work. Such thing is expected, most particularly, when they are engaged in such a call center firm that receives lots of calls endlessly. It means that a short break time of the agents may not be enough to get relief from the strains. Obviously, this huge number of calls in the companies would seem to be a plus point to those, who are behind the call center. For this reason, they may want to make use of all the available things in order to respond to all the calls. And for this, there is a need to keep away from the irregularity and inconsistent actions of live representatives. But, the good news is that there is new software program, Avatar, which is designed for the call centers and can reduce all the issues.

Avatar – How it is beneficial?

The Avatar software involves highly interactive virtual representatives, encoded with a computerized voice messaging method, which may allow them to amuse clients as if these are live agents of a BPO. The features of this call center solution are extremely trendy among the present inbound BPO.

These features will help to come across lots of calls in the BPO, and thus, it will surely be very entertaining to the clients. It is known to all, that a busy tone after dialing the call center’s contact number is not desirable to any customer. That is why the live agent with the help of Avatar is really a wonderful option. If the voice system is designed in a proper way, the clients would never be competent to find out that the supposed person, with whom they are speaking, are nothing but a robotic tool.

Thus, it may be said that the design of the call center solution and its feature make installation of the system important for your BPO industry. This kind of advanced feature in the call center system is important not only to the centers that utilizes voice call design but also for those contact centers that chooses chatting as their means of interacting with the clients.

Features present in Avatar:

  • The integrated tools of Avatar for Business Intelligence can directly offer all the required management data or details that are essential for your achievement. Such kind of connectivity allows the managers in analyzing the data in a number of parts of the organizations at once. Therefore, it can check the margins, functioning, and productivity and also make the well informed resolutions more rapidly and more consistently.
  • With the industrial based technology, the system Avatar is completely scalable as well as highly integrated.
  • As one of the modular options, Avatar may be set up in different stages in order to fulfill your increasing needs. Each of the separate modules may also be combined with existing systems of the clients.
  • The implementation of Avatar is accomplished with a fixed cost along with projected timescale, on the basis of a specific project plan.
  • The dedicated development of Avatar and client support panel has widespread practical experience of handling a variety of organizations.

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