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December 1, 2017

Tech News: Aurora Serverless, A New Database from AWS Announced & More

A Serverless Database Service from AWS Announced

The AWS cloud computing division of Amazon has recently announced the release of a new database service that will make launching relational databases easier and cheaper. This database service is ideal for situations in which continuous data processing is not a requisite. Named Aurora Serverless, this database has been built on top of the existing Aurora database system of AWS. Aurora database can simply be grasped as a serverless, event-driven computer platform.

With Aurora database, AWS has clearly demarcated data storage from processing. It follows a pay as you use principle for the data processing and also for storage, which is relatively quite cheaper. AWS is expected to launch this database out of preview at some point in time in the next year.

Once Aurora Serverless goes live, developers will be able to access it on-demand and also scale it up or down as necessary. If the database is being used, the developers pay in terms of seconds. With the current scenario in the database technology, one has to spin up a machine to use the database. Aurora Serverless is set to revolutionize how we conceive database technology.

A Declarative Library from AWS to Streamline Cloud Services for JavaScript Developers

A declarative JavaScript library called AWS Amplify has been developed by Amazon Web Services that will help JavaScript developers to build cloud-enabled applications through a category of cloud services rather than individual service contracts.

The Features of AWS Amplify in Brief

  • Authorization will be done with the help of a module that provides authentication APIs and other capabilities. Credentials are offered for the AWS Signature Version 4 signing process and tokens are provided with the help of Amazon Cognito sign-in service for web and mobile apps.
  • In the Analytics category, it tracks users in the Amazon Pinpoint application, which enables targeted marketing capabilities.
  • For storage, it provides commands to upload and/or download and list content via the Amazon S3 cloud storage service.
  • Using implementation specific perseverance, it offers a least recently used (LRU) cache interface across web and React Native applications.
  • For logging into internationalization and localization scenarios, it offers i18n.

Apart from these, Amazon is also providing AWS Mobile CLI which will provide command line capabilities for front-end JavaScript developers that would integrate back-end resources into mobile apps. With the AWS Lambda service, developers can build serverless backends that will facilitate cloud capabilities in the applications. Amplify then makes it easy to configure accessing from a line of code.


Aurora Serverless is all set to revolutionize relational database management systems by drawing a clear line of separation between data processing and storage, making it easy and cost-effective.

Apart from this, Amazon has also developed the AWS Amplify that will facilitate JavaScript developers to build cloud-based applications via cloud services rather than individual service contracts.

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