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July 9, 2018

Streamline Your Medical Practices with EMR Solution

Earlier healthcare industry relied on pen and paper to keep track of patient’s medical histories, hospital, and the name of the physicians. Now the time has come to take a step ahead and move on from paper records into a comprehensive system of electronic medical records (EMR). It is essential and tricky to stay organized and manage the medical records when the files start to pile up. This is where Electronic Medical Records Solution (EMR Solution) comes into existence eliminating the need for paper records and bring your office out of the dark ages.

Nowadays, big healthcare game players have converted paperwork into a comprehensive system of electronic medical records to improve patient care. For maintaining a proper history of patient registering, increasing productivity, administrative cost savings, error reduction, and more various other healthcare industries have also started using the best EMR solutions.

What is Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

A digital version of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual electronic medical record (EMR). Within a single facility, this EMR solutions represents a medical history, like a doctor’s office or a clinic.

Let’s have a look at the top few ways EMR Software can help you in improving your Medical Records Management and change your office for the better.

Boost Your Efficiency and Productivity

Regarding communication, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software helps and allows interaction with healthcare industries like pharmacists, insurance providers, hospitals and other clinicians to go smoothly, as communication can be tracked. As a result, it ensures that you are on the same page with whom you interact and work.

Apart from this, by adopting EMR software, you can expect to see a proliferation in staff efficiency and productivity. With the help of this software, your whole team will complete the task faster. Additionally, by opting this solution hospitals, pharmacists, insurance providers, and other clinicians can quickly access patient’s histories and information.

Therefore, with the help of EMR solution, you can keep track of your electronic records together in one place and allows to work with a scheduling system, automated coding, insurance claims, and notes. Moreover, with the help of charts, you can efficiently manage in one centralized location. With the help of an EMR solution, you can save ample time during your day to day tasks and assist in streamline medical records management in your office.

Improve Quality of Care with EMR solution

When it comes to improving the quality of care you can give to your patients, believe it or not by embracing EMR solution can be a great help, as it allows for better treatment in spite of having an extensive amount of electronic health information on a patient. With this, you can also easily access the complete history and latest medical information of patients.

For instance, each provider will be able to see the results of any treatments and what type of diagnostic tests a patient had undergone.

As a result, having complete information about the patient can help in reducing the possibility of errors and take good care of them. Hence, by implementing the electronic records system, the healthcare industry can have access to a patient’s complete information and records. As a result, patients will have some relief of not filling the same paperwork over and over again at every specialist or doctor they visit.

Fewer Storage Issues and Less Paperwork

Having a hectic day, physicians and staff member’s everyday spend ample time in processing forms and filling out paperwork. With the coming of EMR solutions, all the hectic days are gone as it allows your office to deal with much less paperwork during everyday operations. Not only this, your team can now focus on other essential tasks.

Additionally, while using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software your office will free up a lot of room and have a much organized and less cluttered.

These are few top advantages of EMR solutions that can benefit the healthcare industry. Rigel Networks – an End to End IT Service provider Company designs and develops best in the business EMR solutions to streamline medical practices. It facilitates medical practitioners with custom-made applications that provides comprehensive patient reporting and helps them in managing the patient’s health care.

It has recently streamlined clinical process using Open EMR solution for one its multi-service non-profit agency client based in Boston, serving more than 5000 individuals each year through its adults, youth and community programs. Using web-based application entire patient journey is measured and analyzed from an initial telephone call, through to arrival, consultation, prescribing, internal and external referral to another department or service, room allocation, billing, and discharge.

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