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US Payroll Solution

Simplifying payroll process for your organization to streamline the onboarding workflows as per government standards

Manageable solution for complex onboarding and payroll process to wide calculations and legal compliance specifications. For that, we have developed solutions to accurately manage the data of clients, employers and employees and tender the forms as per government norms.

We are specialized in developing a well-structured onboarding process application to generate valuable output for employees, clients and companies. Our solution streamlines the workflow from the hiring process to payroll as per government standards. We are familiar with the constitutional procedure for employees and companies to follow and make it digitized for virtually accessible and submit with mandatory guidelines of the government.

Our solution allows the organization to define the salary structure to make flexible payroll outcomes for small to large scale enterprises. By choosing our payroll software, we guarantee in improving productivity and accuracy for payroll professionals.

  • Company Onboarding
    • Add, Import & Export companies
    • PayData, SUTA Rate & WC Code
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Roster
  • Pay Periods (LTS/ATF)
  • Column Mapping Templates
  • List of Deductible Amount
  • Benefit Program
  • PTO
    • PTO Accrual Plan
    • Employee’s Accrued Balance
    • Notes for Employee
  • Claims
    • Legal Tracker
  • Import
    • Company Onboarding
    • SUTA Rate
    • WC Code
  • Email Template
  • Bank Details
  • Report Generation
    • Import
    • Prime Report


  • Tailor-made solution to accomplish frictionless payroll process.
  • Optimized as per government standards to streamline process from employee onboarding to tax payments.
  • Automated process to generate tax and forms.
  • Report generation for advanced analysis.
  • Improves productivity and efficiency of HR department.
  • Manage garnishments and deductions.

Accelerating Payroll Process with Error-Free Workflow

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