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Digital Job Time Card (JTC)

A digital solution to manage each job of manufacturing by coordinating teams’ work, time entries and workflow management for better resource management and allocation

Benefits of Digital JTC

  • Integrable with the existing ERP system to push-pull the essential data & Reports.
  • Help in mining the vulnerability of inefficiency and ineffectuality through various reports.
  • Maintain industry defined standards in manufacturing each job.
  • Keep a track record of workers for individual job.
  • Easy to manage allowance for normal time, overtime and special job.
  • Reduce paperwork and verbal communication for explanation.
  • Apparent user-interface in the kiosk system for the workers.
  • Robust and temperature resistant kiosk system to keep even in the engineering workshop.

Core parameters analysis from Digital JTC





Job Time Card Management

Streamline your job time card digitally to track and analyze the records of each job to estimate the performance of employees and resources.

KIOSK Interface for Multiple Location

Enabling supervisors and workers to operate through the kiosk system in multiple locations of workshops with biometric and NFC card login.

Integration with existing ERPs like SAP

Automated functions to pull and push the data into the ERPs like SAP or PLM tools for track records and generate reports through various industry defined standards.

Industry Problem

Manufacturing job assignment involves a lot of paperwork and verbal communication consuming a lot of time and generally is inefficient. It affects with overpaying of workers, compliance violations, missed production deadlines and reduced profit margins. Companies need a scalable system to manage and analyze workers' efficiency and effectively manage resources.

Our Solution

Our Job Time Card (JTC) solution is capable to integrate with existing ERP. Once the job specification is assigned from the ERP, it pushes into the Digital JTC. The Digital JTC allows supervisors to assign a job to the workers. The system is integrated with the kiosk to feed workers hours into the system for different categories like machine-hours, manual-hours, rework-hours, ideal-hours and non-productive hours.

With the kiosk system, Supervisors & Workers can view the job and fill hours in the system by enabling login with NFC card or Biometric. The system is equated with the JTC to retrieve each job status and worker's time record.

The final data for the particular job will be pushed to the ERP with the essential data and reports to measure the core parameters; Efficiency, Productivity, Progress & Allowance.

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