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May 11, 2016

Social Media – Playing A Pivotal Role In Ecommerce Success

Nowadays, one can find more people on social networking sites than ever before. What has started as a medium to connect with friends and loved ones is now playing a major role in the e-commerce business across the world. As per an estimation, there will be 2.55 billion people using social media worldwide and with an easy access to the web by the means of a handed devices, it will continue to increase in the near future too. So, naturally it becomes impossible for online merchants to ignore such a staggering number. Consequently, social media is playing an increasing role in the success of e-commerce. There is also no dearth of eCommerce website builders, who takes care to integrate social media successfully to maximize the web traffic.

Social Media Integration Now A Common Norm

Integrating social media tactfully into an e-store is an art and it seems every eCommerce service provider has learnt the same over the years. One of the most widely used and easy ways to do the same is the inclusion of social media buttons within the e-store. However, many eCommerce website builders now choose to go beyond the same by opting for the following ways:

  • Allowing visitors to sign-in via social media account –

  • This enables visitors to do the registration via their existing Facebook or Twitter account.

  • Using social based comment system like a Facebook comment –

  • This encourages visitors or customers to leave a comment on your store about your products which aids in customer engagement in the long run.

  • Reminding customers to share their recent purchases –

  • Sharing is always fun and reminding customers to do the same leads to a cost-effective marketing of your store products.

  • Displaying products that are trending on social media –

  • This helps in better understanding of which products are faring well.

CRM integration has also become quite popular, as it has proved successful in enhancing a user experience, which ultimately leads to more conversion at the end of the day in the world of e-commerce. It also helps an online merchant to manage his or her store in a hassle-free manner and without any need of understanding the technological complexities. An appropriate CRM integration ease the logistics management, payment tracking, delivery & refund processes and online advertisement & marketing management.

Apart from the same, integrating befitting CMS solution to the eCommerce website helps online merchants by allowing them with custom content & media edits without any technical help.

Customization of Facebook Pages & Integration

With more than billions of people using Facebook on a daily basis, the potential of Facebook as a social media tool in e-commerce is huge. Almost, every online store now has a Facebook page too which they customize as per the business needs brilliantly.

A large number of applications like SurveyMonkey, MailChimp, Pagemodo, etc. make it easy to do the customization of Facebook pages. Many also choose to sell products directly on their Facebook page. Integrating the same into an online store phenomenally increases the number of store visitors, and thus profit margins of online merchants.

So, if you are also eager to leverage the power of social media for the success of your e-commerce business, please contact leading ecommerce solutions provider by sending an email at

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