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November 3, 2017

Tech News: SMBs Now Powered with Microsoft 365 Business & More

With Microsoft 365, enterprises for a long time have been leveraging Office 365, Windows 10 and their mobile device management tools to ensure seamless collaboration and communication across departments, internally and externally. What had begun with the focus on enterprises, is now extending to prove itself viable for small and medium businesses (SMBs). The recent release of Microsoft 365 Business out of the beta version for the general availability to customers has a lot to promise for SMBs.

In line with this release is also the emergence out of the beta version of Microsoft Connections—for managing email marketing campaigns, Microsoft Invoicing—for creating invoices and Microsoft Listings—for having an idea about a business’ online presence on search engines, social media and Yelp. These tools are expected to offer what Microsoft 365 Business is supposed to, i.e. a focus on the specific requirements of SMBs. And these will now be a part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Business Premium subscription packages.

SMBs either have a very small dedicated IT staff or do not have an IT staff at all. Due to this, they tend to face quite different types of challenges as compared to the large enterprises. They must deal with the same competitive pressure and security concerns are much jeopardizing than the large enterprises since a small breach can easily lead to bankruptcy.

IBM Introduces Cloud Computing into Your Data Centre

In the technology world, every company strives hard to succeed. One of the most significant ways to achieve this is to modernize the technology stacks. On the course to achieve this, the biggest obstacle comes when technology companies have to struggle with managing the legacy software and hardware inside their very own data centers. IBM has recently introduced a new cloud product that will facilitate enterprises to embrace cloud computing. This will enable enterprises to containerize and place legacy applications in a modern and managed IT context.

Container orchestration run by Kubernetes offers tremendous flexibility due to which it has been embraced by most of the major tech companies. Leveraging and placing IBM middleware and other legacy applications inside the containers, IBM Cloud Private is looking to help customers transform them into contemporary applications and exploit containers and container orchestration run by Kubernetes.

IBM, by virtue of its strength in private cloud services, is ranked third amongst the cloud infrastructure providers. However, the cloud business of IBM is not growing as rapidly as compared to its competitors, and this comes right from the horse’s mouth. With the launch of this product IBM could help itself grow its market share while allowing the customers to move to a more modern computing environment.

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