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January 6, 2016

Why scalability is an essential part of any logistic ERP

With 2015 now behind us, logistics continues to rule as a powerful medium in every business. It is no longer a supply chain vs. chain but a dynamic network of warehouses, distribution centers, factories, suppliers and retailers.

The companies in this sector are ever challenged to differentiate their services and gain a competitive edge but the logistic inefficiency and poor resource management have always been major cause of worry that often leads to losing customers.

Logistics management is a process where the storage, production and distribution of goods across multiple functional areas needs to be analyzed separately both internally and externally.

Hence, an integrated system should be used to harness the benefits of improved supply-chain management, inventory control and increase profits.

And the course of achieving this complete integration goes perfectly with ERP way.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in logistics serves you all the tools that are essential to take business to new heights of efficiency and success. It is the business process management software that integrates business’s crucial processes across various departments in to a sole enterprise-wide information system.

By implementing logistics ERP system, you get the ability to meet the fluctuating needs of the economic climate by tracking your shipments accurately and improved co-ordination with suppliers and customers.

While a great number of companies have been drawing the benefits of ERP, why few of them lagged behind and could not meet the specific needs of their business?

Since ERP is a modular software system, a business needs to implement either few or many modules based on the requirements. It often requires a dedicated team to handle upgrades and deployment. By not upgrading the system, you are only risking business productivity, customer satisfaction and IT security.

But, does it really work like a charm?

Every change made to your logistics ERP software makes it much more complicated and pricey. The installation path is not only cumbersome but takes away 60% of your budget and time.

Besides, the success only depends upon the skills and experience of the workforce you have. The change of staff or employing the administrators who are not well-versed with the upgraded ERP system may result in reducing the efficiency of the software.

Apart from all these, the implementation of b changes disturbs the culture of work and violates the interest of people working in the organization.

This is why many companies are now looking for a customized logistics ERP module for their existing ones in order to get rid of the featured, which are no more useful to the business without investing a big chunk of time and energy.

Rigel Networks- Your Best Companion for well-organized ERP logistics solutions!

Serving for more than a decade now, Rigel Networks is growing IT services and Software solution providers that work on your behalf to develop custom modules for your logistics software. Their smooth and cooperative approach helps you achieve your clients’ goals in an efficient manner.

All you need to do is to let them know your requirements, processes and the intricacies of your ERP solution.

So don’t wait anymore and get started right away!!

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