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January 22, 2018

Say Yes to SharePoint Development Services for Enterprise Success

Content plays a vital role for every business. Irrespective of the industry, the content on a website has the power to drive leads and generate revenue. This demands for an effective and efficient content creation, management and protection strategy. A powerful and robust content services platform can leverage quality content to increase productivity and minimize the risk of losing significant business assets.

Introducing SharePoint as a Communication & Collaboration Platform

Microsoft SharePoint is a formidable content services platform that allows you to create, share, store, organize, manage and secure your content in one place. Gone are the days of enterprise content management systems (ECMs) that only allowed storing and organizing content. SharePoint eases the creation, collaboration and keeping track of important files. Now you don’t have to worry about, say, whether the finance executive sent the right version of the annual report to the marketing manager. Procuring professional SharePoint development services is the best fit for every enterprises’ communication, collaboration and functioning.

Gartner and Forrester Wave had recently announced Microsoft SharePoint as the leading content services platform of 2017.

There are 3 ways to deploy Microsoft SharePoint—on-premise, cloud or hybrid. Although it encourages enterprises to deploy on the cloud, SharePoint also offers several options to those businesses who wish to remain on-premise or want to move to the cloud slowly in phases.

SharePoint is not only quick and easy to set up, it is also compatible with a wide variety of file types. Within the platform, the search functionality is easy, intelligent and personalized. In addition to being highly secure and compliant to industry standards, SharePoint is also highly scalable with respect to varying business sizes. Let us dig further into the capabilities of SharePoint that can be harnessed to ensure enterprise success:

Content Creation, Collaboration and Sharing

SharePoint imparts safe and secure sharing, and viewing the access of files with individuals within or outside the company. Unlike several other collaboration platforms, SharePoint facilitates opening large files easily and quickly.

It also helps co-workers to collaborate in real time by setting up collaboration groups with an inbox, calendar and planner. Irrespective of the type of the file, with SharePoint, previews of files can be seen on the thumbnails.

Thus, SharePoint facilitates maintaining the consistency and integrity of content in an enterprise.

Informed and Engaged Employees

SharePoint streamlines communication to keep the employees informed and engaged. To keep everyone on the same wavelength, SharePoint includes news and updates about products, policies, campaigns, and events within or outside the company.

SharePoint contains a platform for the developers that helps them to create websites and web pages on the go. By integrating Yammer, any SharePoint page can have the conversation on the forefront.

SharePoint users can have single sign-on access from any location on any device. This makes it easy and secure for employees to work from anywhere.

Streamlined Business Processes

SharePoint’s organizational features facilitate generating lists and libraries with automatic predictive indexing that can easily organize information. With Microsoft’s file-hosting service OneDrive, you can create and launch workflows directly that automatically collects user information. Reviewing and getting feedback can be sent automatically with SharePoint.

With these organizational features, SharePoint can offer a helping hand to enterprises that are struggling to streamline their business.

Summing it Up: SharePoint as a highly effective technology platform helps enterprises to streamline their processes with effective teamwork, management and information workflow. SharePoint consists multifunctional tools that synchronizes, speeds up and enriches several usual, but significant business activities. These activities fall into the categories of finding, sharing, editing, approving, reusing, tracking and monitoring the necessary information.

Rigel Networks is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with more than a decade of experience in offering comprehensive SharePoint development services to global clients. Our team of certified and experienced developers help enterprises to integrate SharePoint as a strategic platform for their content management, web portal, and communication and collaboration requirements.

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