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The logistics industry has long been a shadow of the global economy, with its growth undeviating connected to globalization. While rising globalization contributes to immense growth potential for companies in this sector. With IT advancements, LSP’s have started integrating technology solutions for tasks such as shipment management, inventory management, bar coding, analytics and much more.

At Rigel Networks, we offer a roadmap for LSP’s to decide whether to make a transition in the logistics system with a big bang or phased/pilot approach. We provide high-end technology solutions for logistics, warehousing and distribution service providers across the globe driving real-time visibility, optimize processes, improving productivity and meeting delivery benchmarks. Our proficient developers, assist multiple logistics partners to collectively pull on to one common management platform, resulting in complexity and cost-effective. Over the years of experience, we have helped several leading transport and logistics companies worldwide in improving their operational excellence and realizing the growth.

Our Expertise in the Logistics IT Solutions

Harness our end-to-end logistics solutions to gain excellent visibility into events, resources, and enhance business responsiveness.


Custom Software Development

Logistics solutions are not merely shipping, warehousing or packing, it is all about managing and optimizing the whole process. Rigel Networks custom software development solutions provide industries to streamline their business model.


Cloud Solutions

Logistics technology solutions for warehousing and distribution services are just management solutions and make those solutions. We offer collaborative cloud solutions operating on a flexible, usage-based model providing scalability that accounts for the buoyancy of customer demands and market conditions.


Mobile Application Development

Logistics solutions play a vital role in the economic growth of the country. The logistics service providers have created an enterprise mobility strategy that helps them to stay ahead of the competition, in response to the rising demands of the customers of this ever-changing industry. With our experienced expert team, we fix the service level, add flexibility, and build a sustainable supply chain with perfect mobile application development solutions.


RFID Solutions

The logistics sector is one of the chief beneficiaries of the adoption of RFID technology into the supply chain. For the logistics industry, with its trade between suppliers and customers, RFID tagging and the underpinning mandates represent an excellent opportunity to grow the portfolio of offered services. At Rigel Networks, we are specialist in RFID, helping our client to configure a solution regardless of the size or type of your organization. With years of experience, we deliver complex solutions across industries with a comprehensive solution and a trouble-free implementation.

Special Expertise in Field Service Sector

Our first client being from a field service sector & serving them from past 12 years with our end to end IT services & solutions, we have developed special expertise in the industry. From Field Service Management Software, mobile app for field personal to work order management systems, we have a vast portfolio to show

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Benefits of Rigel Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Operate logistics transactions and operations on one database across multiple users, offices, functions, countries, and languages at an affordable cost.

Stay connected with your drivers

The application manages and monitors driver trips, as well as ensuring the performance of commercial motor vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles, and trailers.

Respond to Customer Demands Proactively

Interactively connect with your end-users, and instantly respond to inventory turnover and regulatory requirements. Get an easy-to-use backend to manage everything while your users get an interactive platform to book your services.


Vehicle Tracking Application

Track the location of your vehicles and workforce intelligent with your smartphone. We create smartphone based GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management, through our excellent solutions that give you real-time location on an interactive map.

Increase Operational Efficiency

More informed asset and capital planning decision making.

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