Construction IT Solutions To Manage Costs, Biddings, Vendors & Projects

The construction industry has its dynamics that demands a specific software niche to address its requirements. Unlike common projects, construction works right from home building to civil engineering must meet safety, regulatory and other industry standards that a construction software solution must address. Complex market conditions, projects, multiple stakeholders and shorter turnaround times is the major challenge ere the construction sector.

To handle queries related to property, construction, and engineering, Rigel Networks a leading Construction IT Solution Provider Company with the domain expertise offers new technology that helps the industry to respond to the shifting conditions and seize new opportunities. Our technology-enabled software solutions help companies meet their executions, schedules, and profits.

Our IT Solutions for Retail and E-Commerce Industry

Enabling e-commerce and unleashing the power of the retail industry through a cutting-edge web and mobile solutions.


Custom Software Development

As a preeminent construction software company, Rigel Networks provides sustainable and powerful custom software solutions for the construction industry. Our team of experts follow standardised development process and proven methodology which provides a unique software solution to a client’s business problem. With out-and-out expertise in various technologies, we perform several custom software systems in the construction sector.


Cloud Enabled Application Development

Cloud applications are best deployed as a collection of cloud services or APIs. From building up the data to the services and later combining those services into composite services or complete composite applications. Our cloud-enabled application development service gives you the ability to store and access files, print from mobile devices, reduce hardware costs, and more.


Construction Mobility Solutions

At every stage of a construction project, mobility solutions not only add tremendous value but also reduces risk factors. Right from the on-site crew, project managers, architects, to engineers and business owners often have multiple ongoing projects. Through our construction mobility solutions, we create an ecosystem empowering solutions for Equipment & Materials Asset Management.


BYOD Services

With technology bridging the gap between the office and the construction site, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a growing trend where professionals use their devices to conduct business activities. BYOD has carved a niche in the construction industry where foremen, engineers, and other high-level construction professionals use their mobile devices to enhance communication, access documents, and complete simple calculations. Our BYOD services help construction owners and employees to send location, timecard and other information between the office and the field through field manager application.

Software Solutions For Engineering & Construction Sector

Property & Construction Management Software
SAAS based Roofing CRM Portal
Roofing Inspection Software
BIM Software
Project Management Software
Metal Building Design Specifications
B2C Portal for Metal Building Accessories
Mobile Construction Software
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Rigel Solution Benefits

ECM solutions by Rigel Networks covers each aspect of construction, including bid proposals, sourcing, service management, project management, inventory billing, finance management & project based reporting

Increase Productivity

Streamline business processes by adopting digitization

Better Informed Decision Making

Analyse data quickly from a different system, resulting in rapid decision making


Carry your project database with you securely.


Cost estimation

Build a platform that will save your time and money, provide an easy-to-use interface for faster operation, and integrate cloud-based capabilities for easier access.


ERP Services

Boost your project data visibility, cost analysis, monitor project profitability, performances, and workforce operations with our custom construction ERP service. Stay on target with more customized profile and specialized reporting.


Document Management

Generate a robust repository and document-management tools, giving industries quick and easy access to vital records at one go.

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