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January 18, 2018

Rigel Networks Offering on Local Project Management (Onsite business consulting) and Offshoring (resource management)

Global enterprises are increasingly leveraging Outsourcing services to transform their businesses towards growth and innovation. The transformation of process and technology lets organizations expect world-class outcomes that align with their shareholder value. With expanded capabilities, required domain expertise, and powerful analytics,Rigel Networks is a perfect partner for your business service needs.

Rigel Networks offers Local Project Management and Offshoring.

Local Project Management (Onsite business consulting)

In all projects, project managers and project leaders are based at Client location in order to coordinate with clients and respond to client’s requirements on an immediate basis. With the help of our Co-operation with 7BusinessConsulting AG, an established German company, Rigel Networks is able to provide quality and cost-effective solutions to our clients in European regions.

Benefits of local Project Management:

  • 1.Elimination of language barrier
  • 2.Cultural Understanding
  • 3.Face to Face Project discussion
  • 4.Better efficiency in delivering services
  • 5.Increase in quality and quantity
  • 6.Greater standing and competitive edge
  • 7.Opportunities to expand your services


Offshore outsourcing of information systems services has been growing rapidly in recent years and is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. The primary reason behind this trend is the apparent economic cost advantages gained by offshore service procurement.

Benefits of Offshore Project Management:

  • 1.Cheaper labor costs and improved output
  • 2.Excellent work ethics
  • 3.Availability of highly educated offshore business specialists
  • 4.High degree of proficiency in the English language
  • 5.Freedom to concentrate on core business concerns
  • 6.Reduced Operational and Recruitment costs
  • 7.Risk-sharing

Rigel Networks with 13+ years of extensive experience in serving the IT industry can help with onsite consulting and offshoring. We have catered the following industries: Retail, Healthcare, Field service & logistics, Travel and Hospitality. Our customized solutions for your business needs ensure you to stay head on all fronts. For more information reach us @+1985-277-9870 or Email us @

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