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RESTFUL API – What is it and why should developers leverage it?

RESTful API provides an independent platform for designing network applications. REST is the abbreviated form of Representational State Transfer while the API stands for Application Programming interface. RESTful API gives the liberty to the designers for designing the web independently. Adhering the principles of REST, it restricts the client (browser) from knowing the structure of the API. The server provides the client all the information it required to interact with the service

RESTful API basically in an application program interface that uses HTTP interference for the GET, PUSH, DELETE, PUTA data. Each command has it’s distinguish functioning. For example, the PUT command is call for replacing or modifying the object. POST is use for creating an object while DELETE is for removing the object. The last one GET is for retrieving an object. All the social media platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are earning huge revenues by the customization of RESTful API.

There are a number of benefits that can be explored about RESTful API.

  • Most Logical:

  • Simplicity to use is the main plus point of using RESTful API. It has really simplified for the new clients to operate the app in a better and intelligible way. Huge and complex applications turns into simpler ones with the usage of RESTful API sustainable resources.

  • Efficiency:

  • RESTful is a service application and it follows a set of pattern guidelines. With the use of HTTP, it has the capability to handle big data. Consequently, it gives direct access to the third party, without any interference that gives an exquisite platform to the app developers.

  • Wide-Spread:

  • With the ease of use, better scalability, inbuilt support from JSON, transferring of data from the client to the server side becomes easy. Therefore, it is a wise and best choice for the mobile app developers to use the RESTful API platform.

  • Increase Brand Awareness:

  • Through the convention of RESTful API, you are able to view the photos, reviews, rates and ratings of a specific brand. This will highly increase the popularity of your brand among the public and end-users.

  • Light-Weight:

  • Being light-weight, the web developers can directly display the data on to the website without having any personal access of the developers programming side. A lot of time consummation of the programmers just get saved by the eminence of RESTful API.

  • Uniform Interface:

  • The URL is the key element of each resource in an API. Through URI, you can have access to information. Therefore, it become quite easy to collect the information through a uniform interference pattern.

Hence, RESTful API’s offers a better, quick and faster way for manipulating the data from the other web services and for sharing the data across the web.

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