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How Mobile Applications are delivering success for Logistics Industry?

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics” a Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher Sun Tzu, famously and correctly said. Logistics sector has been growing like never before. In almost every industry, its management holds an important role from planning, implementing and ensuring an effective flow of goods and services. Without its competent … Continue reading “How Mobile Applications are delivering success for Logistics Industry?”

PHP 7: 10 Things you need to know

January 2, 2016

PHP is highly popular among the web developer for rich and exciting web apps and websites. According to the W3techs, PHP has a massive market share of 81.5% and among the entire version of PHP, 98.7% PHP based websites make use of PHP V5. PHP 7 is the latest version of PHP, which is expected … Continue reading “PHP 7: 10 Things you need to know”

8 Important Considerations for Mobile App Testing

December 28, 2015

Mobile application has become a rage in the modern digital world. The stake has risen considerably with the popularity of the mobile apps. Now it has the potential to cause determinate effect on the business revenue, to customer loyalty and brand image. This modern digital age is dominated by the widespread use of the smart … Continue reading “8 Important Considerations for Mobile App Testing”


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