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Why POS system for Jewelry business is a point to ponder?

May 25, 2016

With a stroke of this century, a lot about retailing methods has changed, and IoT and cloud-based systems are now emerging as big players when it comes to playing it smart. An introduction of automation and remote control system has been evolving to become a smart solution for house appliances and office infrastructure. So now … Continue reading “Why POS system for Jewelry business is a point to ponder?”


May 23, 2016

From over a decade, companies has been leveraging the benefits of CRM – The Customer Relationship Management software, to have a 360-degree view of customer interactions & experience, enabling businesses to acquire/retain valuable customers. Know what CRM is, products & reasons for its popularity in Sales


The sale in the Jewelry business is based on the trust & credibility. Jewelry & accessories are part of customer’s persona while the brand & the quality are imperative for social status. It is not easy to move this trust to an online format, but it can be done effectively if the methods are chosen … Continue reading “8 Digital Tips to Make your Jewelry Business more Profitable”

How to select the best Turnkey Solutions for your Business?

Nowadays, Turnkey solutions are booming and increasing their market day-by-day. They are known for their budget-friendly and quick turnaround solutions compared to the traditional website development by hiring designers, IT professionals, and hosting service providers. If you are impressed with these benefits and planning to use Turnkey solutions for your business, then it is important … Continue reading “How to select the best Turnkey Solutions for your Business?”


May 16, 2016

Using a CMS, content management system for your website could be the best investment you make on your website. Have a glance on the most popular content management systems, their licensing model, the companies that are leveraging the benefit & why you should use it too.


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