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BPM Industry – What Buyers Wants & Expects!

December 7, 2016

Around 47 % of the business is progressing to collaborate with the BPM service providers in the upcoming year. The demand of Business Process Management is on the peak in the current industrial marketplace. Managing the big organization firms for the proper and streamline functioning involves a lot of investment from the investor. BPM solutions … Continue reading “BPM Industry – What Buyers Wants & Expects!”

Website Design Trends- You Should Be Ready in 2017

December 5, 2016


In web designing, trends never happen to be static. New ideas, concepts, tools & technologies are introduced at every passing time. For the web designing world, 2016 was full of parallax scrolling, reliance images, desktop push notifications, stylish typography etc. By the end of the year, we have witnessed drastic changes. A few design trends … Continue reading “Website Design Trends- You Should Be Ready in 2017”

Research credit:NASSCOM

Kentico – The “All-In-One Platform” is a fully-integrated and optimized ASP.NET CMS, E-Commerce, and Online marketing platform. On 30th November 2016, its fourth version, Kentico 10 gets launched, with elevated online marketing features, increased MCV support, development guide(based on dancing goat sample site) and much more Here are the few improved, additional features that Kentico … Continue reading “Research credit:NASSCOM”

RESTFUL API – What is it and why should developers leverage it?

RESTful API provides an independent platform for designing network applications. REST is the abbreviated form of Representational State Transfer while the API stands for Application Programming interface. RESTful API gives the liberty to the designers for designing the web independently. Adhering the principles of REST, it restricts the client (browser) from knowing the structure of … Continue reading “RESTFUL API – What is it and why should developers leverage it?”

Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

November 25, 2016

Statistics reveals that 80% of the users uses their smart-phones to search internet for any product search or service. This clearly implies that the modern buyers are drifting more towards the mobile applications. In the present scenario, the users are approaching safe and secure applications as the digital identity of log-in, log-out, NEFT transaction alerts … Continue reading “Mobile App Development Trends in 2017”


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