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How Significant is the Conversion of iOS to Android App (and vice versa) For Enterprises?

Android and iOS are two of the most popular mobile operating systems in the market today. One is more developer-friendly and lucrative, while the other has mass appeal and wide audience reach. Most of the enterprises and developers therefore prefer to develop iOS and Android apps. iOS to Android Conversion These two platforms have differences … Continue reading “How Significant is the Conversion of iOS to Android App (and vice versa) For Enterprises?”

Xamarin: From the Perspective of Native App Development

Native applications are known for their performance. And businesses that dream about achieving conspicuous success should be capable of providing best-in-class applications build on most of the popular mobile operating system platforms, namely, iOS, Android, and Windows. The market penetration of these three platforms can reap desirable benefits. But when you get the services of … Continue reading “Xamarin: From the Perspective of Native App Development”

Laravel: A Sought-after Framework Amongst Startups

June 29, 2017

Laravel, an open source PHP web application framework, is an ideal infrastructure for website application development, especially for the startups. Following MVC – Model View Controller architectural pattern, it saves time and energy with its fast and simple web app creating capabilities. With Laravel, developers can leverage the framework to create all sorts of web … Continue reading “Laravel: A Sought-after Framework Amongst Startups”

Positive Impacts of the Cloud on IT Staffing

June 27, 2017

The Cloud has revolutionized the IT industry and has been one of the greatest disrupting force to strike it in the recent times. With widespread increase in vendor offerings and relative costs of running on the cloud decreasing, cloud components have become more pervasive in the IT architectures. Business processes such as storage, continuity and … Continue reading “Positive Impacts of the Cloud on IT Staffing”

Procuring Perfect Organizational Workflow with SharePoint Development

June 26, 2017

Building useful apps is a mandatory aspect in today’s competitive market. Using various approaches, developers strive hard to improve their efficiency and integrate cool features in them that are highly in demand. Developers make efficient apps, and these apps make our work efficient. Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the best development tools to make efficient … Continue reading “Procuring Perfect Organizational Workflow with SharePoint Development”


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