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Web Development: A Chronicle

May 19, 2017

Web Development or website development is a broad term that engulfs all the activities involved in developing a website for the World Wide Web (Internet) or a private network (Intranet). It can range from a simple, static web page to highly complicated web-based applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.  It can encompass web engineering, web … Continue reading “Web Development: A Chronicle”

5 Reasons to Choose Laravel for your Web Development Needs

Laravel is a PHP-based framework that helps developers in web application development with a lot of ease and simplicity. Following the MVC architectural pattern, web applications built on Laravel are more secure, efficient, and formidable as compared to its other counterparts. Laravel provides simple authentication and authorization mechanism and can be easily integrated with mail Services. … Continue reading “5 Reasons to Choose Laravel for your Web Development Needs”

Treading the Right Track with the Right SharePoint Development Partner

SharePoint is one of those highly effective technology platforms that helps enterprises streamline their processes by facilitating effective teamwork, management and information workflow within the company. Basically, SharePoint is a web application platform with multipurpose tools that synchronizes, speeds up and enriches many day-to-day business activities like finding, sharing, editing, approving, reusing, tracking and monitoring … Continue reading “Treading the Right Track with the Right SharePoint Development Partner”

In Quest of the Perfect CMS for Your E-Commerce Store

You have a dream. A dream to own an online store, leaping into the battleground of e-commerce with your head held high. This dream excites you, distresses you, envisions success sometimes, and sometimes conjures up an image of failure. In short, it makes you toss and turn in the wee hours of the night when … Continue reading “In Quest of the Perfect CMS for Your E-Commerce Store”

Evaluating Jive and Microsoft Office 365 in Juxtapose

May 10, 2017

Jive provides communication and collaboration solutions for businesses, dramatically improving employee engagement, alignment, and productivity. Office 365, on the other hand, is a suite of Microsoft Office Applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the internet. Both Jive and Office 365 are supported on web and mobile platforms. Since Jive provides an interactive … Continue reading “Evaluating Jive and Microsoft Office 365 in Juxtapose”


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