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Why Opting for Laravel is a Smart Choice

Laravel is a free and open source PHP web application framework following the MVC architectural pattern. It brings ease and simplicity in several common tasks of web development projects, like authentication, sessions, routing, and caching. Laravel, compared to other PHP frameworks, has a high demand due to its exceptional features that facilitates easier and faster … Continue reading “Why Opting for Laravel is a Smart Choice”

Migrating from Swift 2.3 to Swift 3: An Update Using Xcode 8 Migrator

May 3, 2017

Introducing Swift 2.3 and Swift 3 Swift 3 is the latest, open-source iteration of the Swift mobile programming language. It contains major improvements and refinements to the core language and standard library. Naturally, those having an existing iOS app would like to know after any iOS update, the why’s, how’s, and when’s associated with an … Continue reading “Migrating from Swift 2.3 to Swift 3: An Update Using Xcode 8 Migrator”

Mobile CRM: Why Your Business Needs A Mobile CRM Strategy

April 28, 2017

The importance of CRM for businesses cannot be undermined. Almost every enterprise from different sectors employs CRM solutions for customer acquisition and retention. As the World is steadily taking the Mobile route for every task, Mobile CRM Solutions have become indispensable for businesses. Mobile CRM is a CRM tool for smartphones and tablets. It allows … Continue reading “Mobile CRM: Why Your Business Needs A Mobile CRM Strategy”

Playing with iBeacons: Supporting Them in Your Native Mobile App

April 28, 2017

What is iBeacon? iBeacon technology is Apple’s version of Internet of Things solution. It allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive small and static bits of data within small distances. These small pieces of data can trigger actions on an iOS device that helps app developers to add real-world experiences for the users. For example, … Continue reading “Playing with iBeacons: Supporting Them in Your Native Mobile App”

Going Native from Hybrid, with NativeScript

You want to develop a best in class mobile app. One of the stumbling blocks you will come across will be to decide whether you want a native app or a hybrid one? As we know that a device can have only 1 operating system and access to only 1 app store specific to the … Continue reading “Going Native from Hybrid, with NativeScript”


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