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Major Benefits of Opting E-commerce for Your Industries

May 8, 2018

In today’s era, the word E-commerce plays a prominent role in IT industries. E-commerce or electronic commerce is generally referred to services on the internet and buying and selling through a website. As number of companies are showing interest in developing their online store, many businesses are opting for an E-commerce solution. This platform is … Continue reading “Major Benefits of Opting E-commerce for Your Industries”

Mobile App Development- What’s trending in 2018?

For many years’ mobiles apps have been the center of innovation, and in various industries, it has made a notable contribution. The year 2017 was noted to be a platonic year for Mobile Application Development Company. Also, in the domain of technology, mobile apps have been a year of significant transformations. With the upcoming of … Continue reading “Mobile App Development- What’s trending in 2018?”

Why Rigel Networks as your preferred Vendor?

Rigel Networks is a Microsoft Gold certified company providing IT services from the last 10+ years. We are headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. As a trusted IT Service Provider company, we provide on-demand, on-site & remote IT solutions to startups and medium enterprises. DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL IT SERVICES & SOLUTIONS SINCE 2004 With 100+ software professionals, … Continue reading “Why Rigel Networks as your preferred Vendor?”

Native App or Mobile Web: Choosing the Right Enterprise Mobility Platform

For brands and businesses across the world, mobile presence has become indispensable to achieve the broad marketing outreach. From a technical perspective to marketing potential, decision to adopt, and adapt your business to the appropriate mobile platform depends upon factors such as target audience, budget available, envisioned purpose and features required. Based on these aspects, … Continue reading “Native App or Mobile Web: Choosing the Right Enterprise Mobility Platform”

Nurturing Enterprise ROI with iOS App Development

A smartphone is an indispensable possession nowadays. Our small world is surrounded by far-reaching smartphones of many different types: Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, Apple iOS, and the list goes on. There is, however, something special about Apple’s iOS devices that makes them stand out of the rest. In the year 2007, Apple did not just … Continue reading “Nurturing Enterprise ROI with iOS App Development”


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