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Upgrading to Latest Version of Kentico is a No-Brainers

July 17, 2018

Each calendar year, Kentico releases a new major version of their flagships product, and in 2017 we saw the release of #KenticoStallion or more formally, Kentico 11. So why do we need an upgrade to the latest version of Kentico? It’s simple, do we get our car serviced on a regular basis? If so then … Continue reading “Upgrading to Latest Version of Kentico is a No-Brainers”

Streamline Your Medical Practices with EMR Solution

July 9, 2018

Earlier healthcare industry relied on pen and paper to keep track of patient’s medical histories, hospital, and the name of the physicians. Now the time has come to take a step ahead and move on from paper records into a comprehensive system of electronic medical records (EMR). It is essential and tricky to stay organized … Continue reading “Streamline Your Medical Practices with EMR Solution”

Choosing AngularJS for developing your next web application?

Every organization in this era of e-commerce is keen to create an impact online, which has resulted in peak demand for web developers like never before. Across the globe, there are more than 876 million websites, as per the recent survey and count still increase. Most of us are aware of various platforms available in … Continue reading “Choosing AngularJS for developing your next web application?”

Differentiate between Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Development

At some stage, you will have to decide how you will develop the app while designing your mobile application. Hybrid and Native apps could be one of the choices. But the decision taken might affect the end product. So, it is essential to implement the right decision, understand how each type of development works and … Continue reading “Differentiate between Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Development”

Develop Custom Web Applications by Cherry-Picking ASP.NET 5

Generic web applications at times do not fulfil the specific necessities of every business. To suit your business-specific needs, you require web applications that are tailor-made. Although there are proprietary technologies and numerous open-sources that enable web app development experts to utilize in building highly functional and engaging web applications. However, due to the robust … Continue reading “Develop Custom Web Applications by Cherry-Picking ASP.NET 5”


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