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May 31, 2016

What questions to ask before partnering with an established Kentico development agency?

Born in 2004, today Kentico with all its fresh updates and versions, gained its popularity as an all-in-one CMS that offers a potential for businesses to reap competitive advantage and maximum leverage in the relevant market. For those who are ambitious about their business scale and growth, Kentico can be one robust CMS that combines E commerce calibre and online marketing capabilities.

So if you are looking to build a scalable, dynamic and customization solution, Kentico can be a good choice. But the question is, have you found a professional Kentico web development company to do the job for you? In this blog, we have devised a list of important questions you need to ask a development agency you want to work with. Here are they:

Do they have the knowledge of the latest and the greatest?

Kentico 9 is undeniably the latest and the greatest update, exciting both developers and customers equally. Laden with impressive features, it promises unique customer experience. So check if Kentico development agency is aware of competitive advantage this new version can offer. Some of them are:

  • NET MVS support
  • Integrated campaign management
  • Continuous integration
  • Web Farm support for changing scalability
  • Modularization for streamlining projects
  • Does your development partner have strong credentials?

    Company with a strong portfolio of proven skills and successful projects on Kentico CMS should be your first preference. Are their past projects are closely matching to your industry and business concept? Take a look at their Kentico CMS project so that you can assess their personal approach and implementation of their technology resources.

    Not every other IT company has the capacity to fulfil their promises. So look out for Kentico certified partner as it reflects the symbol of trust and relevant exposure.

    Are they thorough with Digital marketing strategies?

    Since Kentico 9, the latest in the series, is designed with intense focus on customer engagement approach. The agency you are collaborating with must be thorough with tips and tactics to seize the target market of your business. The solution provider must be able to utilize the intelligent power of Kentico CMS in order to align customer needs and create unique user experience.

    Do they know their way around easy customization?

    It will be any enterprise owner’s worst nightmare, not being able to make desirable changes to their existing CMS based website. Ease of customization and enhanced user experience are the major highlights of Kentico success story. But eventually, the end result depends on the skills and potential of developers. Pick those Kentico veterans who are creative enough to produce customizable solutions with long term business benefits.

    Can they ensure post-delivery support and maintenance?

    Kentico superbly offers ease of implementation of ideas. This doesn’t mean you won’t need support post-delivery. A dedicated solution provider offers prompt support anytime you encounter a query or technical problem.


    Don’t settle for anything around you. Hire the best agency after getting satisfying answers. Always choose the partner that has embraced technology solutions in its true sense, the one that constantly evolves and improves in its ability to deliver the client-centric results.

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