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December 4, 2017

Powering M-Commerce with Magento Development Services

There has been a great influence of mobile commerce on the e-commerce sector, which is expected to surge with time. Many think it to be a supplementary component of e-commerce, which is totally a wrong notion. If we go by what experts say, around 1.6 billion people use their mobile phones to shop online. So, if you are still thinking how does mobile commerce really effect your business, we ought to dig into the significant role that m-commerce can play for enterprises and how Magento development services can act as a catalyst to enhance your overall business.

M-commerce & the Ado Surrounding it

If we go by numbers and statistics, we find that e-commerce merchants are not able to leverage m-commerce to the extent they should. A report by Business Insider stated that about 59% shoppers spend their time on mobile phones while the remaining on the desktops. However, only 15% shoppers convert into sales from the mobile devices.

Whether, it is more desktop friendliness for online shopping or lack of enhanced user experience from the mobile devices, the fact is that e-commerce retailers are struggling to drive sales through mobile apps. If we look at the mobile app market scenario, people mostly use mobile apps for social engagement, entertainment and information. This has a clear implication that e-commerce in mobile apps makes up for an insignificantly small portion.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is Where the Future of M-Commerce Lies

Progressive Web Apps are a result of the popularity that mobile apps enjoy with their omni-presence and the performance of native apps. PWAs combine the best of both the worlds—the web and the native apps.

PWAs have highly interactive user interface that are mobile user friendly. They can send push notifications just as the native web apps. Moreover, they facilitate improved mobile load time—a critical factor to improve customer engagement.

Cross platform functionality is the trend in mobility today. PWAs leverage this functionality being device and platform independent for both iOS and Android. Like the native apps, PWAs help in the creation of home screen launch icons.

Like we mentioned earlier, figures and numbers show that shoppers are more active on desktop when it comes to buying online merchandises. PWAs ensure the desktop features and feel is replicated across varied mobile platforms that can increase the customer outreach. This is made possible when PWAs leverage optimized content that uses the same URL structure as in the desktop site.

The Confluence of Magento & PWA to power M-commerce?

Magento has a good overall e-commerce market share. It powers a large number of sites worldwide. Magento enhances mobile shopping experience through development of PWA apps for Magento merchants.

To get the most out of its expertise, Magento has collaborated with Google to leverage its technical expertise. The chief aim of this collaboration is to bring the whole PWA capabilities to the full Magento e-commerce community. PWAs are a natural evolution of the mobile web, and by joining hands with a tech giant like Google to develop PWAs, Magento m-commerce apps can keep merchants significantly ahead.


The E-commerce industry is on its way towards M-commerce. Among several strategies to get the best out of the m-commerce experience, Magento leverages the PWA along with Google to make it big for the ecommerce industry.

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