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June 15, 2018

Power BI Enables Businesses with Excellent Data Visualization

For any organization or industry, management of data becomes incredibly tedious and challenging. On top of that, it becomes time-consuming when we implement traditional methods deriving actionable insights from gathered data. However, with an excellent tool – Power BI Desktop designed by Microsoft delivers you with self-service business intelligence capabilities. With the help of this powerful tool, users acquire real-time understandings using highly interactive visualizations, which enables them to achieve valuable insights into their business with efficient decision-making capabilities.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a set of data visualization tools that allow users to transform collected data into actionable information for decision-makers. It is a cloud-based business analytics service that provides you with a single view of your most acute business data. The tool is fast, easy and free as you can monitor your business by creating rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop, retrieving your data on the go with native Power BI Mobile apps and using live dashboard.

Power BI integration enables businesses

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) can monitor with the help of visually analyzed data in real time. Power BI integration services and predictive model assist the organization with excellent data visualization to gather reports using sharable and intuitive dashboards. Combining R script visual (Rviz) and Azure ML Studio with Power BI enables users with what-if analysis, which supports the businesses to utilize predictive models. With the help of this model, industries can predict marketing information, future prices, revenue and much more. Based on the analysis report, organizations can efficiently analyze historical data and predict outcomes.

Now that we have understood about Power BI let us have a look at the new features of Power BI Desktop that has left nothing to the imagination.

Visual display controls and selection pane

Is your organization dealing with a complex report with many overlapping charts? If so, then with the help of selection pane you can list out all objects on the report page that you are currently viewing. It also enables users to hide visuals on the report and allows you to select visual(s) from the report. Overall, it helps to simplify your complex reports. Users can generate very interesting reports by combining this feature with bookmarking, which can further utilized for presentations and storytelling.


The word ‘spotlight’ sounds a little fancy, but during presentations, it is a way to call attention to a specific chart. It can also be included as a part of the bookmark. Moreover, without losing the context of the report, this feature enables users to call attention to a chart quickly. As a result, the need for BI professionals to go back and forth gets eliminate, when presenting their case. To fade out all the other charts on the page the users can spotlight a particular or visual chart. However, you can get back to the original report by efficiently removing the spotlight.


We all have heard and are aware of the term ‘Bookmarking.’ In Power BI Desktop, the feature bookmarking is almost the same. For instance, statistics as part of your report you can bookmark and save interesting statistics once you are ready with the report. You can use the list of bookmarks for creating report navigation, organizing presentations of your report, and more.

Below are the following guidelines that are included in a bookmark:

-> Current page
-> Filters
-> Slicers
-> Sort order
-> Drill location
-> Visibility
-> Any of the ‘focus’ modes

You can handle this feature as many times as you want, add multiple bookmarks, view and also rename them. The bookmarks can also be used in the form of presentation or as a story. And to do so by using the ‘View’ option to enter into the view mode for bookmarks. In the Power BI Desktop, you will be in the view mode where you can preview all your bookmarks. Hence, the Power BI tool is a great way to navigate bookmarks.

Similarly, if you are looking out for an accessible and user-friendly report for your business, Rigel Networks – Microsoft Gold Partner helps you in designing the Power BI Desktop for your organization with its expert team of developers.

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