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June 27, 2017

Positive Impacts of the Cloud on IT Staffing

The Cloud has revolutionized the IT industry and has been one of the greatest disrupting force to strike it in the recent times. With widespread increase in vendor offerings and relative costs of running on the cloud decreasing, cloud components have become more pervasive in the IT architectures. Business processes such as storage, continuity and disaster recovery, and security are being mainly taken care of by the cloud. As an integral part of the IT sector due to its significant usage and application, cloud computing has proved itself remarkable for IT staffing and recruitment as well.

Cloud as a Blessing in Disguise for IT Staffing

As skepticism intrudes the mind fast, there has been a concern that the cloud would spark reduction of jobs across the sector. As a matter of fact, cloud computing changes the staffing requirements without cutting down the number of staff. In most of the cases, all you must do is change headcount allocations and shift the responsibilities. As they say, “The greatest room in this world is the room for improvement.” The improvement with cloud computing comes when new roles with new skills are taken into consideration. In a study conducted by Microsoft, IT organizations, now and in the future, will constantly be in quest of workforce skilled in cloud-enabling capabilities such as automation, performance optimization and monitoring, and virtualization.

In Quest of IT Staff for the Cloud

For a cloud-related position, there are 3 key aspects that organizations evaluate in the candidates:

  • 1. Potential – When potential is high, the momentum towards success will be high as well. The rules of Physics hold true here too! With appropriate educational foundation, candidates with high potential will find it easier to make a transition towards the cloud from other IT landscapes.
  • 2. Training & Certifications – The best way to inculcate cloud skills is through relevant training and certifications. Employers rely upon trusted certifications to select appropriate candidates for cloud-related positions. These foundational certifications cover both business and technical aspects of cloud computing.
  • 3. Experience – Experience venerates the deserving. Candidates’ potential, backed with appropriate training and certifications, will steadily widen their experience. Once the candidate makes a move into cloud-related roles such as IT systems and operations, help desk and end-user support, application development and maintenance, business analysis, security and web management, their experience will skyrocket. It is just a matter of time.

The concern over the reduction of jobs with the widespread proliferation of cloud computing is unsubstantiated. On the contrary, the cloud will have a significant impact on IT staffing and recruitment. Because more and more companies relying upon the cloud will be in pursuit of workers with applicable skills, appropriate candidates will find themselves in demand.

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