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July 29, 2019

Position Your Organization as a Technical Talent Hotspot

In today’s era, drawing attention, engaging, and developing technical talent is one of the most challenging yet critical tasks for almost all industries worldwide. Here, in this article, we discuss the abridgment of best practices for successfully fostering technical expertise and prioritizing strategic talent management over the long-term.

Within an organization, success across the diverse industries is partially dependent on the productivity of the technical employees. In the end, it gets critical for HR leaders to understand how to manage the talent lifecycle within professional roles. Apart from this, it also includes the most beneficial ways to work with technical and potential employees at the time of hiring, retention, development, and succession. Considering the recent estimates, it indicates costs between four and six months of an employee’s salary to replace them in the event of turnover.

According to the research study, around 60 percent of the US employers are struggling to fill job vacancies within 12 weeks, with knowledge-intensive industries like technology emerging as some of the hardest hit. Further, the study also states that the global talent shortage could reach over 85 million people, costing businesses trillions of dollars in lost economic opportunity by 2030.

As a result, organizations and HR leaders should adhere to the following best practices to successfully foster technical talent today and over the long-term.

Provide a Clear Career Path Options

By offering formal, informal, or almost precise career strategies for diverse industries by a staffing solution provider, employees can continue to grow their skills, gain expertise, enhance their compensation, recognition, and also have a more significant impact. First of all, make sure that the organization is optimized for any technical role to transition into a managerial position. For instance, orient any talent management processes toward such a transition like evaluation systems and succession planning processes. Apart from this, also align any rewards or benefits around it, such as compensation bands should shift upwards, and expand when an employee reaches management level.

It is vital to remember that not all technical employees aspire to be managers. Most of them prefer to stay on the front-lines without losing touch with cutting-edge technology and keep coding. These type of employees still deserve advancement and recognition. Therefore, it is necessary always to have an alternate career path strategies ready.

Staffing Services Provide Performance-Adjacent Solutions

Operating in solve mode, most of the technical employees learn how to address common problems like debugging code, modifying a program to meet new demand, or identifying the reason behind a crashed system. These employees tend to rely on communities of other technical professionals or online repositories to solve such problems.

Therefore, as a staffing service provider, it is essential to provide them with performance-adjacent solutions to empower them to learn and develop new skills. It also helps them to master existing ones through applied learning.

Also, note that any performance-adjacent solution needs to be highly relevant, continuously updated, and always ahead of the ever-changing technological landscape. Whenever possible, staffing solutions should also offer resources that enable sharing to support the development of a technical community. This, as a result, leads to the creation of repeatable designs and saves individuals and their organizations significant time and energy.

Make The Best Use Of Your Technology Stack

We all are aware that technology is advancing at an alarming rate, and so are the technical employees. To stay up in the competitive world, they need to get updated on the latest technologies and its new features, ensuring career progression.

As a result, your organization’s technology stack will likely play a part in their decision to join, stay, and seek development at your company. Hence, Staffing Services Providers require to be attractive to both potential and existing technical hires, providing opportunities for employees to work with the latest programs and consumer technologies. In today’s hypercompetitive professional talent marketplace, your organization must demonstrate its commitment to growth by refusing to settle for outdated technologies.

It very important for every organization to maintain a constant awareness of the differences among functional groups across various industries. Rigel Networks – Staffing Services over the years has been providing staffing solutions by recruiting true professionals to multiple organizations along different business verticals. At our core, we help the companies to embrace the change and find new ways to stay competitive. We ensure all processes are designed in a manner that works best for each department of the industry. As a preferred staffing solutions partner, we have been serving the hiring needs for our clients by developing the systems, processes, talent network, and market knowledge. From building relationships with top employers in creating opportunities, we help the organization to grow and make an impact in the market.

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