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January 2, 2016

PHP 7: 10 Things you need to know

PHP is highly popular among the web developer for rich and exciting web apps and websites. According to the W3techs, PHP has a massive market share of 81.5% and among the entire version of PHP, 98.7% PHP based websites make use of PHP V5. PHP 7 is the latest version of PHP, which is expected to outperform all the earlier versions with new set of features and functions, which aids in developing performance driven websites.

1. The Name-

–PHP 6 was released but failed due to the presence of several bugs and today even, people are confusing the new PHP with failed PHP6. PHP 7 brings a new set of features and functionalities and aims to do away the bad feeling, which PHP 6 brought to the users.

2. Abstract Syntax Tree-

PHP 7 is implemented with the Abstract Syntax Tree, which enables users to implement the Syntax in intermediary structure easily. The use of AST will offer two great advantages to the developers; firstly, it makes the maintenance of parser and compiler simpler and secondly allows the decoupling of syntax decisions from other technical issues.

3. Combined Comparison Operator –

PHP 7 will feature the Combined Comparison Operator which is also known as spaceship operator (<=>). It is a nice addition to the language and it greatly compliments the greater than and less than operators.

4. Double speed-

PHP 7 will offer improved speed and performance as it will allow the developers the same number of users or traffic load by using fewer servers and the code for the site will be executed in a faster manner to foster performance driven website development.

5. Inconsistency Fixes-

The addition of Abstract Tree Syntax and Uniform Variable Syntax will help fixing the inconsistency in the coding. PHP7 will effectively be more developer-friendly in terms of coding freedom due to non-presence of frustrating syntax consistency issues.

6. Zend Powered PNPNG –

PHP 7 comes with the extremely powerful Zend New Generation engine, which is called PHPNG. It offers support for almost all the extensions except for the interbase, PDO_DBLIB, OCI8, MSSQL, SYBASE_CT and PDO_OCI.

7. Backwards Incompatible changes-

PHP 7 as a programming language moves forward with the subtle changes in the backwards incompatibility which makes it more fun to code with PHP.

8. Cloud computing solutions-

PHP7 offers one of the best cloud computing solutions in the programming language ever seen before. Developer will not just be able to retrieve or extra the files from the cloud but they can also exchange files from one cloud to another cloud server with ease. This PHP7 feature will help in developing ecommerce store with much ease without affecting the speed or performance of the web store.

9. Scalar Type Hints and Return Types-

PHP7 will feature the Scalar Type Hints and Return Types for better coding capabilities for the PHP developers.

10. 64-bit Windows Support System-

PHP 7 will offer the support for 64-bit Windows and it will eventually allow the websites to support native 64 bit integers along with the large files

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