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June 23, 2017

Outsourcing Kentico Development Partner: 4 Aspects to Take Into Consideration

A CMS technology that has been leveraged by prodigious brands like Sony, Ford, Vodafone, and Microsoft for their web solutions does not require any more acclamation. Kentico is a fully-integrated CMS, E-commerce, and online marketing platform based on the ASP.NET framework.

The Content management Services sector has expanded tremendously with more and more companies investing in Digital Marketing. Naturally, an impressive technology like Kentico will find more and more patronage as time goes by. The most important question now is, when in need of Kentico services, how is a business going to distinguish a Kentico CMS professional from an ordinary project hunter?

The answer is simple, although it requires a thoroughgoing about certain qualities that a Kentico service provider must mandatorily possess. Let us discuss 4 such aspects:

1. Expertise is nothing without credentials

The world is filled with skepticism, and rightly so because some outsourcing partners brag about a team of experts that simply does not exist. In the diverse field of Information Technology, an expert in one technology is expected to recast himself or herself in another technology without much time investment and training. Moreover, Kentico being highly customizable and scalable is thought of to be easily handled by a team of developers without relevant specialization in Kentico. This is where they stumble themselves and cause headaches for the client in the later stages.

From a Kentico certified partner, you can expect best solutions because their expertise has the appropriate credential.

2. Delivering quality is more important than simply increasing the clientele

The quality of the solution will be exceptional when your Kentico partner is ready to walk that extra mile for you. And they will take extra efforts only when their focus is more on giving quality solutions rather than simply adding to their clientele. This might be expensive initially but turn out to be reasonable in the long run.

3. What do the customers have to say?

Client feedback is the greatest source of credibility for your partner. Because ultimately, it is the client for whom the whole work process is carried out and also you are the one going to be the prospective client. Words of appreciation, case studies, types of projects handled are some of the attributes that have a great impact.

4. A good project management utilizes the best communication tools

Communication is important because you are putting your reputation in the hands of someone unknown. With the best communication tools and practices, customers can find answers to all their questions. There is no space for uncertainties from both the sides and there is also a real-time update on the status of the project.

Making sure that you get the best out of your investment depends upon certified professional services. So, make sure your Kentico development partner provides satisfying answers to these fundamental questions.

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