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Why Opting for Laravel is a Smart Choice

Laravel is a free and open source PHP web application framework following the MVC architectural pattern. It brings ease and simplicity in several common tasks of web development projects, like authentication, sessions, routing, and caching. Laravel, compared to other PHP frameworks, has a high demand due to its exceptional features that facilitates easier and faster development. Applications built on Laravel are more secure with a formidable, flexible architecture for future enhancement.

What Makes Laravel Smart?

  • > Simple Authentication and Authorization –

    Unauthorized users must in no case gain access to secured resources. With Laravel, implementing authentication is very simple. It provides a simple method to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.

  • > Easily Integrated with Mail Services –

    Sending notifications to the users’ email is an indispensable feature for modern web applications. With a simple API over the popular SwiftMailer library, Laravel also provides drivers for SMTP, SparkPost, Amazon SES, “mail” and “sendmail” function of PHP facilitating quick sending of email notification through local or cloud based services.

  • > Agile Web Applications with Integration Tools –

    Laravel supports popular in-memory caches. By default, it stores cached objects in the file system with the help of file cache driver. While cache backends can be used for larger applications, it is also possible to configure multiple cache configurations with Laravel.

  • > Configuring Error and Exception Handling –

    Laravel is integrated with the Monolog logging library that supports a plethora of formidable log handlers. Moreover, for any new Laravel based project, error and exception handling remains configured.

  • > Separating Business Logic from Presentation –

    Laravel is a Model-View-Controller framework ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. This clarity enhances the overall performance of the application, allowing better documentation and support for multiple built-in functions.

Web application development is a combination of common tasks and creative tasks. The best approach of development is to take minimum time for common tasks before taking up the creative pursuit. A web framework must exactly serve this purpose. Not all frameworks, however, accomplish this task completely and efficiently.

Laravel is one such framework that accomplishes quick completion of common tasks with an efficient focus on application logic. This results in a timely and cost-effective delivery of applications built on Laravel. Moreover, Laravel is highly secure, scalable, and has a large community of developers. So, make the smart choice with Laravel.


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