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June 22, 2017

Why Open Source Technologies are Being Widely Adopted?

The future of technologies since its fledgling days has laid on choice and collaboration—choice of the platform and collaboration to enhance and develop it. Technology has been standardized and commoditized by collaboration that works for the users. This is what open source technologies have stood for, and continue to do so.

From web development or mobile application development to CRM/ERP applications, database solutions, or information management, you name the technology and open source has an impact on it.

What is Open Source All About?

Something that can be modified to improve its design by being publicly accessible is what open source is about. Some of the tenets of open source technology are open exchange, collaboration, participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, and community development.

Why is Open Source So Popular?

Most of the new enterprise technologies are centered towards open source technologies. Why? Many companies, from financial giants to startups, are embracing open source ideology. Why? Let us dig into some of the main reasons for this paradigm shift:

  • >Faster Software Development –

    When the foundations of a software lie in the open source community, the software can evolve quickly because bugs are detected and fixed rapidly by the members of that community. This is time saving, and the developers don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the bugs and errors that are out of their reach, to be fixed. That is why, more than half of the tools that the developers use for software development are open source.

  • >Trustworthy Offerings –

    With open source technologies, you know what you are getting. This is because the source code is available and open to inspection. The developers can themselves observe what the code achieves and verify whether it is secure or not. And the most important thing, they can introduce fixes and improvements whenever necessary.

  • >Freedom to Tweak –

    Whenever a developer wants to make improvements to a feature or add something to it that makes their job easier, they are free to do so without depending on the vendor. With open source, integrating different software products to suit the business requirements is also easier.

  • >Predictability –

    With open source software, you always have an idea which issues or features are imminent. There are most often public roadmaps available. Unlike the closed software, you are not in the darkness about what the next version will bring until it is unveiled. Open source technologies just do not disappear immediately leaving users impoverished. They remain available and are usually continued by others in the large community.

The advent of cloud computing; prevalence of entrepreneurship; connected devices and constant collaboration are relatively modern phenomena. They have a close lineage to open source paradigm and corroborates to its advocacy. Open source technologies facilitate participation and creates opportunities where new ideas can flourish and turned into formidable realities.

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