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July 14, 2017

Tech News: OpenSource Technologies To Rule Software Development Sector

In the software industry, open source technologies are quite evidently spreading into new markets. The very essence of the open source technologies enable greater innovation and differentiation that not only helps companies to stand apart, but also promotes healthy competition in a cost-effective manner.

Cost-effective, Time-efficient, and Highly Customizable

For any business, cost is the most substantial and defining aspect. The software industry is no different from this characteristic as it always looks out for a low-cost alternative with better or similar quality standards compared to non-opensource technologies such as proprietary systems. This cost-effective, quality advantage associated with open source technologies comes added with customization capabilities to suit needs, in a time-efficient manner. If we go by market estimations, more than half of software acquired over the next several years will be open source—not only operating systems and productivity tools, but also software application tools.

Why Open Source Costs Lower?

Open source software is exempted from expensive marketing and branding programs. There is no added cost for paid expertise. This is because open source software is developed through community forums and collaborative development, with developers voluntarily spending their time and expertise. Apart from this, the customers themselves have access to the source code. So, those who have proficient programming knowledge can fix bugs by their own without spending large amounts on support.

Open Source is Synonymous to Reliability and Security

Reliable applications are built upon reliable platforms with reliable languages. There is no need to sing eulogies for open source languages such as, HTML, PHP, Java, Ruby, and others, which have conspicuously proven to be reliable and robust. For instance, Ruby on Rails application development results in the development of solutions that are highly robust, scalable, and reliable.

Philosophically speaking, nothing can be 100% fool-proof and secured. Nevertheless, the very essence of open source paradigm enables anyone to identify and fix security flaws. Being peer-reviewed opens the software to a large base of watchdogs who can quickly detect security issues.

Freedom, Flexibility, and Continuity

With open source software, you are also exempted from getting locked in with a specific vendor and licensing fees since it is open to all. Moreover, if a proprietary software vendor goes out of business, finding a quick replacement becomes mandatory and is often cumbersome. On the other hand, if an open source chief abandons a project, there are several others to take over. Because it is the community that drives the technology, not any one vendor.

Open source software is extremely flexible. You can choose it, use it, and customize it as per your requirements, and be an outstanding player in your specific market.

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