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Open Source EMR- A Platform that has Transfigured HealthCare Space!

“A teenager was given a 39-fold overdose of a common antibiotic, nearly killed to death because of doctor’s negligence.”

“A wife lost her husband as the doctor could not found that he had heart blockage because of the wrong ECG reports on hand”

“A six year old kid died after a physician mistook him for another child under DNR order”

Well, despite the healthcare world being thoroughly changed by digital technologies like smart phones, tablets and web devices, we come across such tragic news every now and then.

It’s a can of worms for many physicians or surgeons to track each patient’s medical history including prior medications, lab results, past visits, drug allergies and lot’s more because of the traditional paper-based medical record system.

How EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Come To the Rescue?

The increasing number of patients in the last decade and the challenges in the traditional system also increased the need of developing EMR systems.

A digital version of traditional charts, Electronic Medical Records software includes all of an individual medical history to be effectively used in times of diagnosis and treatment.

With data being available at any given point of time and monitoring patients up to certain parameters, the quality of treatment or care has improved significantly.

However, in order to get the complete potential of such electronic systems, it is essential to integrate them with one another.

Integration of EMR Records

Today, open source software for EMR turns out to be a great solution to barriers like privacy concerns and lack of shared network between patients and physicians.

One can easily integrate such software within and between the organizations as it is designed to be modified when necessary and is well suited to the individual practice or for an entire organization.

The reason why open source is much better than propriety software is it always offers better quality, higher flexibility, lower costs and reliability to the end users.

Working Methodology of Open Source EMR and Its Benefits

Open source EMR mainly works upon its encapsulated codes. The source code of the software is made public to be used by everyone, so that the communities and organizations can join forces with their lucrative resources to make the software much more efficient. As a result of this freedom to change and recreate, medical practitioners can have various advantageous factors from an open source EMR like

    • Easy access to the free and feature rich software
    • Entire control upon EMR software
    • Flexibility and agility to perform tasks
    • Contribution from the leaders
    • Quick implementation or adoption of new technologies

Comprehensive patients’ medical records and speedy recovery

Reportedly, Open Source EMR has been serving to over 300,000 beings in 182 countries with about 36 languages.

Isn’t that figure interesting? Well, this too has certain reasons behind. Just take a look

  • It is inexpensive and the code could be downloaded for free
  • You could take a trial before purchasing it
  • Easy to customize and flexible
  • Comes with the options like audit ability, quality and code security.

The development of technology cannot be denied. The invention of Open Source EMR software is one of the proofs in this regards. However, at the same time one needs to be a professional while implementing on-site open source software with that of EMR. Rigel Networks can help you implement OpenEMR as per your requirements. Contact us now at or +1-949-891-2571.

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