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Omni-Channel Adoption- Catalyzing the level of Customer Service in Business

According to a new report released by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd, approximately 60,000 crore of in-store retail purchase is influenced by digital.

While a study from MIT shows that, more than 80% of shoppers will check prices online before shopping in-store and a one third of those would prefer mobile devices to complete that shopping.

What does it signify to retail business?

It only signifies that adopting Omni-channel retailing is now inevitable than ever before.

What is Omni-channel Retail?

Omni-channel is an approach to retail and marketing that integrates multiple communication channels to reach customers.

The purpose is that all the platforms should be aware of each other so that the customer can get seamless shopping experience, whether it is done from a desktop, mobile or in a bricks and mortar store.

Why a Business needs to optimize its Customer Service in the Omni-channel World?

With the evolution in technology, customer service is also evolving and businesses with Omni channel adoption can only reap the benefits.

Forbes reports that, 98% of customers want their purchase, delivery and returns to be easily available across multi channels. Because they are getting increasingly sophisticated to interact with the products and services, be it physical or online stores, websites or social media channels, emails or chats and calls via different devices.

With an Omni-channel approach, any business is able to switch between channels quickly and efficiently, getting the same information and experience regardless of the place. Besides, it also helps to keep track of how a customer interacted with another channel, which in turn can be used as a guide to align business goals and improve service levels.

How it helps to turn a first-time visitor into a forever customer?

Omni-channel in retailing offers plethora of benefits that makes investment in this strategy valuable.

Positive Perception of Customers:

Stores who create seamless experience for their customers by integrating different forms of technology, gain significant amount of customer loyalty. Their image is perceived as responsive to customer needs that will keep forcing them to come again or pay more for the convenience. Additionally, those brands can not only compete on the basis of price but also on the experience offered.

Effective Use of Data:

Consumers usually get annoyed or skeptical with sales person who keeps asking their information. However, if a retailer gets the ability to track their behavior on purchasing, they can customize their services to offer them what they actually want. Not only the retailer can get the required information but can also share it with other channels if they are communicating.

Enriched Productivity:

It goes without saying that with the use of this technology; workers too, can arm themselves with more information and provide 24/7 support. Without wasting any time, they can go directly to the rescue of their customers, helping them to know about the current stock, new product launches and what is available at other stores.

Final Thoughts:

As every coin has two sides, Omni-channel also comes with unique set of challenges. Retailers should walk a fine line between being helpful and being invasive. Besides, a clear strategy across all teams is required other than investment in time and money.

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