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The Newest Version Of The AngularJS Framework

With the arrival and release of Angular 8 in the second quarter of 2019, two days after transmitting Angular 8.0 on 28th May 2019, the developers of the popular framework released the first beta of Angular 8.1, which deprecates Web Tracing Framework integration and the platform-webworker APIs. The version Angular 8.0 is entirely built in TypeScript and maintained by the team of Angular developers at Google and a host of community members and organizations. Angular has over 42,000 stars on GitHub. In this article, we will study the new features in version 8.0 and 8.1.

The latest updated version the AngularJS framework, Angular 8.1 provides test helpers for wiring injectors, along with deprecates Web Tracing Framework integration and the platform-webworker APIs. Going through a lot of information about the technology AngularJS, we are aware that the framework implements dependency injection, which is particularly useful for assembling data services for applications, along with the use of an HTML template to create components. In Angular, developers still produce components with an HTML component that connects to TypeScript code for imperative parts of the program.

Let’s have a look at the latest features of Angular 8.1

Deprecation of the integration

The feature under the newest version integrates with the Web Tracing Framework, previously supported for performance testing by Angular. However, in this era, the integration noted by the Angular development team is not maintained and works for most Angular applications.


Test helpers get equipped for the upgrade/static library that wire up Angular and AngularJS injectors without full bootstrap of a hybrid app.

Implementation of definitionAndBoundSpan

The implementation of the definitionAndBoundSpan has been preferred, refactored, and simplified.

Deprecation of the platform-webworker APIs

The inclusion of this support had been experimental, to try to run an entire application in a Web Worker, for web content to run background scripts.

Apart from the above features, Angular 8.1 also offers bug fixes for the Bazel build tool as well as the Angular core and router. Before the updation of the version Angular 8.1, there were few improvements done in Angular 8, which is as follows.

· Better application startup time on modern browsers

· APIs for tapping into the CLI

· More web standards support

· Differential loading, where the browser chooses between modern or legacy JavaScript based on its capabilities. However, when users load an application, they automatically get the needed bundle.

· Webworkers, which can speed up an application during CPU-intensive processing, now can be generated from the CLI.

· A dynamic imports capability for importing modules, that is useful when developers want to load a module conditionally or on demand.

· Dynamic imports will improve support from editors such as Visual Studio Code, which will be able to validate these imports.

· Builder APIs for tapping into ng build, ng test, and ng run to perform processes such as build and deployment.

· Workspace APIs in the CLI, along with an API that modifies and makes the workspace configuration easier, offering an API for interacting with workspace file formats.

· Improvements for migrating from AngularJS, which is the previous generation of the framework

· A LocationUpgradeModule enables a unified location service to shift responsibilities to the Angular Location

· TypeScript 3.3 support

· Two new features, the Ivy renderer, and Bazel build tool, remain in the preview stage

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